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The Athletic Physical

I originally posted this story in another group about having an ****** during a male physical exam. I got a couple of comments back that made me realize it might be of benefit here as well. If this isn't a testament to how during the '50's and '60's persons of authority and trust were never challenged on doing things like this (mainly because what they were doing did no physical injury, so the term 'abuse' did not get applied as it should have) then I don't know what would be testament to how abuse during these times not only survived, but at times was blatant, open, and not only tolerated but de facto sanctioned. How many boys like me had sexual experiences with scout leaders, pastors, priests, doctors, coaches, even fathers, uncles, older cousins - all under a guise similar to what occurred here - it's probably uncountable.

When I was in junior high, we lived in a small rural town. The school just had a local doctor come to the school, and gave all the boys their physicals at once - mainly because a lot of the families probably couldn't afford it on their own. This was back in the very early '60's when having a bunch of boys all completely naked together wasn't frowned on or considered lewd like it is now (I've got my opinions about how the USA views have become way too puritanical and prudish, but that's another story).

Anyhow, the entire 7th and 8th grade males were taken to the school gym facility, gotten into the locker room, all told to undress completely, and then single filed out into the gym itself, which had been locked down. In the middle of the basketball floor, there were several portable exam tables, a few nurses, and this old, bent over doctor.

It was simple - each of us walked up to the first nurse (totally naked, remember), who pointed us to an empty exam table she'd just changed the paper cover on, and told to get on the table and lay on our backs. The doctor would come by, have us sit up, talk to us, ask us questions, do the basic 'poke and prod' and listen to the chest, heart, feel the kidneys, neck, so forth.

Then came the fun part - he'd ask us to hop down, he'd do the standard hernia check - but then feel our testicles, tug on our penises more than a few times until we ALL got good and hard, then have us turn around, and (at junior high age) do the anal finger exam - and spend a little time massaging the prostate. By that time, all of us were hard as posts and dripping. Once he was done, he sent us off and we went back to the locker room to get dressed - leaking ***** and all.

How this guy got away with this in that era, I don't know - the nurses didn't say anything, they just did their jobs taking our vitals, temperature, blood pressure, height, weight, so forth - and didn't even pay much attention to what the doc was up to.

Next year, during the same exam, he'd asked a few of us to go sit on the bleachers and wait for him - we did. We were scared - we thought he'd found something wrong! Instead, he came over, started talking to us about sex, wanted to know if we ***********, how often, did we make ***** yet, so forth - I noted later that all of us he picked had been early into puberty and were nearly out of it by 8th grade, so he was picking boys who could sexually perform most likely.

He took us, one by one, into the restroom adjacent to the gym, got some KY, and got a test tube - said he wanted to test our ***** to make sure we were 'developing properly' - then proceeded to ********** each of us, collect the sample, and put each in a test tube holder - I didn't notice until a lot later when recalling this that he never labeled the tubes - how did he know whose was whose? In reality, I think the stated motive was far from the truth.

Then he gave us a warm washcloth to clean up with, and sent us back to get dressed.

All of us discussed the experience after school, and there were a LOT of mixed feelings - one being was what happened right, should we tell anyone, so forth. The consensus was that if we told, the doctor would just say he was doing his job, and we'd get in trouble - and besides, we all agreed we'd had quite a good time (he knew what he was doing, took his time getting us to ******, and obviously wanted to do so) - so to my knowledge this story is coming to light in an open venue for the first time.
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As you say, an interesting comment on the invincibility of authority figures in the fifties and sixties. Here in the UK the situation was much the same.<br />
<br />
At thirteen I took a job as a paper delivery boy but before I could start work the shop owner's insurance company insisted on me being passed by their nominated doctor as physically fit to do the job .<br />
<br />
I went along to the doctor who had his surgery in a nearby town. There were a couple of other lads in the waiting room before me and after about 45 minutes it was my turn to go in. After some preliminary questions about my medical history and some face-reddening ones about my masturbatory habits and fantasies he told me to get undressed and the rest of the examination took place with me naked. It proceeded with nothing untoward - the usual check up on weight, height, hearing, eyesight, heart lungs, testicles (cough) etc.<br />
<br />
Then when that was all over I had to get up on the couch and lie flat on my back while he took hold of my penis and brought me to an erection prior to measuring its length and girth. The final embarrassment was when he 'helped' me to produce a ***** sample - "I need to check that you are developing properly." It seemed to take ages and nothing was happening - then he slowly inserted a thick probe deep into my bottom and a few seconds later I spurted into his test tube.<br />
<br />
I was rather a gullible and naïve boy and although I couldn't understand what the size of my penis or my ability to ********* had to do with delivering newspapers I didn't for one moment consider that his actions had been motivated by anything other than medical professionalism.<br />
<br />
I didn't feel any need to complain or even tell anyone of my experience. I had found it extremely embarrassing and later on with hindsight, somewhat erotic but I wasn't traumatised by it. Had I been molested in some other circumstances I think I might have suffered long term damage like the many others whose stories often feature in these pages.

Jesus ******* Christ.<br />
<br />
****, man, it was really ****** up that that happened to you, and to so many others. <br />
<br />
And, damn, I admire your courage for sharing about it.

who knows - maybe he'd been doing it for many years, maybe he went into the profession so he COULD have that kind of access - who knows that motivation??

Well its also crazy how that Doctor went through all that training and became a child molester.

That's hell of messed up. Im sorry you went through this...

I think this is a pretty typical example of how society did an excellent job of turning a blind eye to abuse by persons of authority for a very very long time. In those days ('50's and '60's) it was considered absolutely taboo to question anyone that had achieved some respectability - doctors, religious leaders, teachers, and others - it just wasn't done - and when kids did report this kind of stuff, there was a lot of 'Now Jimmy, I'm sure that (person X) had a very good reason for doing what they were doing - you run along and play now'

If you've read my other stories out here, this is precisely how many many guys in particular that were victims in childhood and didn't know at all they were victimized came to think this was totally acceptable behavior - and passed it on to their kids or to others - just like I did.