Little Girl

Little Girl why are you sad?
Did you make the Big Bad mad?
Go and hide inside your mind
When he searches, he wont find

Little Girl you must stay quiet
If he hears you he wont like it
Bite your tongue, must keep silent
Hope this time isn't violent

Little Girl don't say a word
No one around will make you heard
Keep the secret to stay alive
Do what he wants and you will survive

Little Girl please don't cry
Please don't say you want to die
I am your mind here for you
I know about the things he puts you through

Little Girl you have changed
Over the years you have aged
Don't worry he is gone
You are no longer his secret pawn
drkscrt89 drkscrt89
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 2, 2012

thats very powerful thanks for writing it