Little Sister

My sister was molested for years at the age of 4 by our cousin at the age of that was 8 years older. The molestation went on for more than 4 year unknown to anyone. Years later after see was 19 she told her story only to find out this Cousine had molested to other little girls in the family. None of the girls wanted to cuase termoile in the family or press charges. This molester is free walking the streets. I wish I could tell the world about this molester but without these girls to back me up I fear I would get in trouble. I fear for other kids that will be molested. Is there anyway to get this molester off the street? Can there be justice for these girl? These girls still go to family functions like they have always done because they think this is normal my heart feels for them but they won't do anything avenge themselves or star up for them selves. The whole family has swept this dirty secret under the rug.
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1 Response Apr 19, 2012

I would kill him.