Surviving The Un-thinkable...

It always amazes me to see how many people have been sexually abused as children! I never can wrap my mind around the vass number of people effected by this madness. I hear that some people believe it is a illness.. and the person doing the molestation can't help themselves. Well.. I say that is rediculious! You, as a person, can control anything that you want to be in control of....eating to much, drinking to much... drugs, and so on! There is nno illness, it is a choice. I know that I love eating chocolate...but I also know if I eat to much there is a consequence! I think molesters want to live out their fantasy and know that there is a good chance they can get away with it. Most do! That is the truth of it. I know the man that molested me and my sisters, got away with it! He is deceased now, so in the end...I know justice was served! God has a funny way of making sure that we get exactly what we deserve. I feel confident that my step-father, the molester, is getting exactly what he deserves! If people continue to get away with it... they and other people like them.. will continue to do it! Thus meaning...more and more children are at risk. We see the commercials on "It stops with me" for smoking... well where are the commercials about stopping child sexual abuse? I know it is not a popular topic...but that doesn't mean it isn;t happening. I know a little girl recently that told her mother of what her grandfather has been doing to her... and guess what? He admitted to doing it for years and is currently in jail. We must teach our children to TALK about these things. Teach them the "No Zones", anything that your swimsuit covers! Teach them early... it is never to early to talk to your children! My story is very graphic... and I might share more at a later day! I know all about letting the walls down... trust me! I am a survivor of sexual abuse...and living in the secrets of others. Now, I live "out loud". I have no secrets and refuse to share in anyone elses secrets! There is a lot of freedom in living "out loud"! I don't go around telling everyone what happened to me as a child.. but, if asked or the opportunity presents itself..I do not hesitate to share my story. There are millions of men, women and children who live in fear everyday of what has happened.. or what will happen. If someone tells you it is "you're little secret"... it is something worth tell others (someone you can trust, a teacher, pastor, etc). You are either a victim or a survivor.... one thing I know for a fact... is you cannot be BOTH! I refuse to allow anyone to have control over me! I choose to be a survivor!!! I hope you do too!
Sweetybabs Sweetybabs
41-45, F
May 7, 2012