If U Say Something No One Will Believe U He Said !

it all started wen i was 6 yrs old i lived in mexico nd i used to go to my friends house all the time to play her brother was 18 yrs old he would alwyas show me his private parts(penis)he would always make go on a room to play i cant realli remember wat would happen so datt was that..wen i was 8 yrs old my dad decided for me to come to the us because i used to live with grandparents so i  did my granpas brother would always look at me nasty..he would say stuff like your fine i was only 8 yrs old i thought it wasnt normal i knew it was wrong becuz of wat my friends brother used to do to me.so days passed by nd he would grab my boobs he would also feel on me everytime he would hug me he would touch my vagina ..he was everyones favorite uncle including my dad they were in love with him but i hated him soo much one time we spent the night at one of my aunts housse nd he was there since he was older like his 50s all the children slept on the floor in a room nd he slept on the bed i felt him touchin my legs i was soo scared so i told him to stop dat i was gonna tell my dad he said their not gonna believe u so i never did when i was 13 my mom picked me up from school she was very sad she told me he had died i was so reliefed and happy i didnt even go to his funeral they said he had a cruel death..i always had troble trusting people specially now that i have a baby girl thats 4 months shes my life nd i dont want her to go through this ..it makes me cry sometimes im moving on im now 21 yrs old and im starting to leave it in the past i only told one of my cousins that was his grand daughter and she said he did the same to her ...i kind of wanna tell my dad i dont know if i should since hes now dead...owlove17
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Unfortunately these types of things are common in hispanic families, I also have relatives in mexico and can vividly remember my uncle touching my **** when no one was around. Sorry to hear thats it happens to so many others.

Tell your father. It would be better for him to know. I'm so sorry about what happened.