Will Someone Please Tell Me

When does this get easier. When the **** do I get to enjoy my stupid life. False hope every time. I'm sorry to get drunk and come on here and treat this website like my diary or something but I literally have nothing else so this. I want to be like everyother person I know and have a meaningful physical relationship, I want to feel loved when someone touches me not disgusted, and violated, this is such bullshit, I just think about how his life is exactly the same and mine is ****** I can't even get laid on a Saturday night because I'm such a defunk rah **** it
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Find a therapist who practices NLP therapy. (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming). The name's not so important as what it does and can do for people who have been traumatized. Yes, YOU very likely have suffered with PTSD...(flashbacks?, night terrors?, Panic? Unexplained fears? feeling as if you are reliving the experience(s) over and over? can't have loving feelings for others? feel as if your life span will be shorter than others?) Contact your state's Mental Health Association or look in the yellow pages on line for therapists. It won't take years of therapy either. A good NLP therapist can have you on your way in a matter of 5-10 sessions or fewer.<br />
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Why? How? Drop a line to my mailbox.

I know that you can be emotionally healed from your past if you ask Jesus-Christ to heal you. Just ask Him!

I asked jesus for help and you what? he left me to get rawdogged instead.

Therapy time?

I think so

I understand what you mean, but I can only offer sympathy.