Still In Pain.

my name is Mike. i'm 34 years old and i was molested as a child. i remember being around 3 or 4 years old when it all started. my aunts husband started molesting me at that age.i believe he was around 25 years old. he would make me touch him and he would touch myself. he didn't rape me. he would just touch me and make me touch him. he tried penetrating me. but never did. when i was about 7or 8 years old i noticed all the commercials on TV about not letting any one touch you in any way. so at that age i confronted him. he attacked me and told me that he would tell every body that i made him do it to me. that it was my fault. i cried one time when he went to the house, i was watching TV and he showed himself to me and i told him to leave me alone. he got mad and told me that he would tell everybody that it was my fault.that he would tell my own mother that i persuaded him to do that to me. i cried, he walked away. he stopped fire a while. but then he continued pursuing me into doing stuff with him. after a while i tolda lot of people what happened to me. everybody believed me except my mother. and although a lot of people believed me nobody did anything. i mother on several occasions what had happened to me.and she cost not to believe me. it stopped for a while then we moved to another town and didn't see him for about 3 years. during all this time i was suffering from another type of abuse. this time it was my older brother. he had abused me mentally, physically for a long time. i just took it. then that men was sexually molesting me for all these years. i'm just glad i didn't commit suicide. thank be to God! Back to my story, we moved to another town. and after 2 years he and his family came to live with us. they lived with us for 2 years, nothing happened then. then after they moved and we moved as well. at the age of 18 my mother got pregnant. i was so mad! i was very upset at the fact that my mother wasbringing a child to this ugly world where people like my aunts uncle existed! i was beyond words. myaunt and uncle would come visit my mom and dad sometimes. i would sometimes be coming from work and would see their car parked outside our house and would not stop home. i would then call my mom and tell her to call me as soon as they would leave. she would call me then. one time i got home and saw that horrible men holding my little brother (who at the time was around 3 or 4 years old) all i remember was getting so mad, that i grabbed little brother from his arms and took him to another room and told him not to come out regardless of what ever. i stormed out of the room and started going off at that men. i believed i got the courage to confront him cause i wanted to protect my little brother. that men stole my innocence! i would never Get it back. i told them to leave our house and never come back. till this day i believe that was one of the things that i am most proud of. i did it for the sake of my little brother. i knew that that men would never hurt him. i confronted him, his wife, and my mother was there too. she asked my mother if it was true. my mother said yes. and she had the nerve to ask my mom, how come she didn't say anything. my mother replied she was embarrassed! i forgave my mother. i Love her regardless of her mistakes. i just hope i can deal with this sooner rather than later. i'm doing good, Burr i think i could be found better. thanks to whoever reads my story. i left out certain things. but willbe updating my story.
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Hero? WAAAAAY more than that!! (except the word for who and what you are hasn't been invented yet) You very likely saved your lil bro from a hellish existence. Very brave!

the way you stood up to that are a hero!<br />
if it was me i would probably hit him with all i got