I Was Molested When I Was 9 And I Don't Know What To Do.

I was on vacation with my mom and we were staying with my moms cousin and her boyfriend. (they were both about 50)
One night, it was just me and her boyfriend up in the living room. I dont want to describe it in detail, but he molested me.
I've never told anyone. I wake up every night screaming, and nobody cares. My parents have never came to comfort me. My mm admitted to me a few years ago that both her and my dad were abused when they were kids.So i guess they dont care if i'm in pain. They know what he did to me, i'm sure of it, they just don't care. i'm 14 now, and it still haunts me. The funny part is, i don't even remember his name or what he looks like, but i remember how his hands felt on me, and i can still hear his voice, and the tune of the music that was playing when it happened. I remember all of it. I dont want to, but i do. I don't know what to do now. I'm drowning in my own silent grief and nobody notices or cares. I need help!
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Im so sorry this happened..but do not feel alone in this... try keeping a journal that u can write ur feelings down.. everytime u think of that time open it up write in it.. expressing ur feelings in writing may help a did help me to tell one person. It took the burden off my shoulders.. think abt it. You so not want this person to take over ur thoughts..

I'm so sorry this happened to you. Your mom probably doesn't know what to do or how to handle it having been abused herself. She has had many years to accept what happened, developed coping skill, and probably thinks this is just how life is. She is SO wrong and seriously needs an intervention. I hate women who have no spine.<br />
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Since you can't count on your parents to help you through this, you need to figure it out for yourself (sad to say). If she ever tries to make you stay there again, I would refuse. Also be prepared for this type of thing to happen in the future because there are lots of predators out there who will try to abuse anyone if given the chance. You need to not only fight back but also call the cops if you have to. You should never allow anyone to touch you unless you want them to. You are the Queen and you make the rules!