Molested By Stepfather

when i was 6or 7 years of age my stepfather took me to bed with him at his friends house my sister was sleeping on the couch at that time well what happened was that he allowed me to fondle his testicles its been thirty one years later and i have had a lot of trouble dealing with this the first time i told my real father he didnt believe me cause i was on the drugs and beer and any way a few years later he asked me again when i was sober and i told him the truth and my dad got real slient fast on the phone but at that point ive been carrying this package for 31 years ive been praying about it i was thinking bout telling my sister but she hats the man stepfather and real dad for not being there when i told my mom 31 years later she believed me and i feel like a weight has been lifted off me as well but mainly i will not go into grave details any further than that i was wanting the people's veiw would he be considered a child molsterĀ  as well i my self am bisexual because of this experience and so far my self i have been to counseling but never told the counselor about this this is one of my darkest secrets ive had to relieve over an over in my head i believe its also the focal point of all my problems in life i refuse to see another child to go through this crap
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God bless you for sharing this