True Evil

It took many years for me to not only admit this, but finally to write what happened. This is my story, to read it go here:
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There are too many of us with Old souls, due to being forced to become adults before their time. It is good that you are writing about it though. It is therapeutic at the very least. There is a woman trying to pass "Erin's law" in every state right now that requires schools to teach kids the difference between good and bad touch. I think that is a step in the right direction. It is a responsibility of the parents as well, but then I was violated by my stepfather, so having the good touch/bad touch lesson at school as well may help.

Yes, writing has helped me come very far.

I agree, such a law will help a lot of people, a lot of children from suffering what people, like you and I, have.

You really ought to just crosspost stuff. I did that for a while with stories...I now C&P my blog entries here, at another site I go to, and in the original blogspot blog.
(Yes, I spam myself, folks...)

I would, but my blog is also a business of sorts. It sounds horrible but, if I do that, fewer people go to my blog and I lose 'business' so to speak.

Oh...hmm...interesting. I just want people to pay attention to me.

I enjoy sharing my experiences, but I also plan on becoming a professional blogger, which doesn't work so well if no one visits my blog lol.