Dear Person who molested me!

To the person who molested me as a child and took my child hood away i will find you one of these days and put charges on you and I will too! I am sick of not been givin the opertunity to have a child hood! I suffer everyday because of it I drink i used to smoke but I quit! And because of you I have nervis break downs sometimes! It's like a tape that plays over and over and over again in my head! But if i ever find you I will make sure you are punished severly! I should not have had my child hood taken away! Sorry people if my language is strong just angry! I don't have the money for the right kind of lawyer but one of these days I will! It happend when I was 8 years old back in the 80's when that kind of stuff didn't really go punished! So people be aware that they say the statue of limitations is up to 5 years and after that they can't be punished for what they did! I didn't realize i couldn't use language here on this fourm i am just angry that someone could take a child hood away from a child! So again too all readers I did go ahead and change the title! 
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

I know how you feel. Except the only difference is that this happened to my other siblings too.

The person who did this to my siblings and I is finally paying for the damage he has caused..

I am 31 and I finally understand why I'm such a sensitive person. And very angry. I can't even have a normal relationship with a woman as they tend to ask what's wrong with me.. Or why I act a certain way. I've lost friends. I've attempted suicide many times..

All in all.. If you keep in touch with me.. I am going to make a short film about all the kinds of abuse to which I hope will help people go out there and seek HELP even though this world is nothing but hostile.

I encourage people to keep their heads up and live life to the fullest. Do not lose yourself.

I forgive the person who did what he did to me as a kid.. But..

I don't know what the man upstairs is going to do.