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In 1996 when I was 9 Years old my dad got an assignment to Dubai to live there for two years. We made friends with a petrol attendant and invited him home for dinner. Then he came regularly and we used to hangout alot. In 1997 when I was 10 years we decided to go for a swim and next thing is I felt my underwear getting removed and his penis entering my bum. Not knowing that he was molesting me. I did feel a bit of pain but I ignored it. Then the one night My mother was downstairs and I was in Toilet finishing up and going to have a shower I see him opening his clothes and soaping his penis and inserting it in my Bum! This was extremely painful. I kept quite trying to hold my pain in as I thought I tore my skin when I was in the toliet. When I finish shower I remember telling my mother my bum is sore. She thought that I tore my skin or had a painful stool. Then In 1999 We left Dubai to come back to South Africa. Then in 2003 when I was 13 Years old I was in Sex Ed class and they were explaining about anal sex and how painful it can be. It was when I was shocked that I got molested when I was in Dubai! The Painful memories came back how he held me and inserted his penis. I was gone quite for the whole day. People at school asked me what's wrong and I said nothing as I was too scared to mention it. Then every night I used to google molesting and read how people dealt with it as I was scared how would my parents take this info if I told them and they mustn't think they were bad parents or they mustn't think I'm lying. Then in 2004 when I was 17 Years old I started watching Desperate Housewives and in 2006 when I was 19 I burst into tears and told my parents listen something bad happened to me in Dubai! My Parents were shocked and said Why didn't you tell what happened ? I said I was scared. Then as time went on I remember My cousin hating this guy and I used to say he is a nice guy but mean while she was a sign to say he is bad news. Then in 2007 when I was 20 years old An actress from Desperate Housewives called Eva Longoria was telling her story in the show and was saying you have to speak about it otherwise it's gonna tear you apart. After she said that The next day I booked myself for all the STD tests and said whatever the results are i'm gonna hope everything is OK. Two Weeks Later the doctor phoned and said everything was Negative. I was relieved I started telling my close friends about the story and it built me to be a better person. I Just hope that one day they will catch this monster and put him behind bars for what he did.
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Your story is sad and I am very sorry that it happened. But this brings up the point that we must stress to our children to never be afraid to tell us if someone is touching you inappropriately.

Thankyou and agreed 100%

Thanks for telling the story....it is very sad?


*******, **** him. cruel jackass. he deserves to rot

I so agree with you!

Thankyou for sharing your story...You are very brave and know that you did nothing wrong. Being able to talk about this horrid event that took place in your life will only make you stronger. God Bless you and ya I hope that mans day comes soon... Sending you prayers for comfort and healing.


I wish you well.


Omg that's shocking..10 years old you were..you poor thing! That guy should be casterated

Yip! I hope so to!

I am sorry for what happened to you. I wish I could say more. But thank you for sharing your story. Your strong that you finally stood up for yourself in some way.

Thankyou for your kind words!

I just hope they catch this guy for doing this to me and put him behind bars!

I hope so too..its a painful memory... just try not to think about it too much..look around there a lot to keep you happy and make you smile. happiness to you forever.

True but the more you talk more about it the more u helping others with their story

Everyone has their own way of dealing with problems..i am sure you know how to deal yours accurately. good luck.

yip! Thankyou!

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I'm sorry it happened to you, I hope that guy rots. Again, not all are lucky as me that the person who hurt them is dead but I hope this person gets what's coming to him, whether it be by the law or a higher power.

Yeah me 2!

Thanks for sharing this story! And thanks for reading mine. People who do this make me sick. I'm 28 now. But not a day has gone by that I havent thought about what had happend to me. I had just managed to block some memories. But ill have my days where ill have flash backs. And go into my Mini depression Moods. I've never told anyone except here on this site. But hey it's a start right? Im very sorry for what happend to you
Though. It was brave of you to tell your parents. xo

It's a Pleasure! I couldn't agree with you more! I am 26 Now and It also still plays on my mind! I also had to put it behind me. I guess the guys who did this to us will have there revenge one day! But at least it made us stronger! I know the feeling! but what I have learnt is when you tell people that you trust! It helps you getting the love and support. It was quite hard to tell me parents but I forgot to add to my story was I was going crazy because everything I looked at was saying you need to tell your parents what happened. But in a way that was a good thing because it gave me courage to tell my parents! I didn't tell so many friends only the ones I trusted so far but I will start telling the rest soon. I haven't told my brother and sister in law as yet though. When I told my cousin the story I had to get drunk first as it was not the easiest thing to do to tell her. I had a so called friend who used to mock everyone's story! Someone said they think they gay he would mock them in a hurtful way. I don't care whether people are gay or straight they deserve the same respect. That's what made it hard for me to tell the group what happened. we no longer friends with the guy so i'll find the right time to tell them. Although i'm a guy i'm gonna be honest Sex does not turn me on as other guys because of what has happened, but at least you started somewhere, and i'm sure by posting your story you have helped someone else with there story giving them courage to post theirs. You should tell your parents as they know you best and by all means if you ever need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on i'm here please feel free.

I have added you as a friend so feel free if you wanna add me

Thankyou for your lovely comment and hopefully you get the deserved love and support. xoxoxo

I'm so sorry that you had to go through this at such a young age! It is difficult for a child to tell their parents that they had been violated without any early sex education. I completely understand the pain that you went through. And I thank you for sharing your story with us. I have yet to say anything to my parents about my rape case but only close siblings and friends. It's difficult when I grew up with parents who just came fresh off the boat and don't understand that it is a violation. But I will do everything I can to protect my child someday.

Thankyou for kind words! Don't Worry that guy will pay for all his sins! It is hard to explain to your parents how you got molested. I know how you feel! but you should talk to them and tell them. I've learn't if you don't speak out this story slowly starts tearing you apart inside! I was scared at first and it took me a year to break the news to my parents. That Makes two of us to protect the children oneday I'm Here for you xxx