Molested By Old Men

I was about 8 years old and my sister 7 when it all started. Across the road from our house was a park. A nice place with a separate play area with swings, roundabouts and things. Around the park was a pathway which led to the tennis courts and a little shop where you could buy ice creams and drinks. Along the path were a few shelters where people could go if the weather turned nasty. It was well known by us kids that "dirty old men" frequented these shelters. One one memorable day we were playing near a shelter which was occupied by an old man. I remember he called us over and asked if we wanted an ice cream each. Of course we did! He said he would buy them for us if he would let him tickle us. Being young and naive this sounded a good deal.

I went first being the oldest. I stood on the bench in the shelter next to him wearing a t shirt and shorts. Well he started to tickle the tops of my legs making me laugh but soon his fingers were slipping under my shorts and tickling my bum. His thumbs were flicking against my balls and rubbing the underside of my ****. I didn't know I was being molested. He was an expert at it. After a while he stopped, gave me some money and sent me for an ice cream whilst my sister had her turn.

I returned to find my sister face down across his knee with her dress pulled up and her panties around her ankles. She was laughing and squealing as his hands tickled and explored her body. I stood there amazed with my ice cream melting. He told me to come close behind her and watch carefully. He spread her cheeks apart and tickled her bum. She was smooth all over and he was stroking her little puffy *****. Well to cut a long story short she got her ice cream after he had finished playing with her.

Was it a one time thing? No it wasn't. We often met the old man in the shelter and I think word got around between these old men because sometimes there were more than one or two there. Lots of different men I remember. All wanting to give us money to tickle us. It became normal for us to let these men play with us if we wanted sweets or money.

My sister grew out of it but I couldn't. I started to meet these men on my own and it progressed to letting them suck me and finger my bum.

I'm a lot older now but I still meet up with old men in their 80's and let them molest me. Some of them like me to wear my wifes panties. I think I'm addicted to it now and It will never stop.
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I need a couple dirty old men.. Can you share?

I know a child molester who molested two girls in our family. His name is Saeed Haken. He lives in MD. I see him often and I am sick and tired of his face. It is well known in the family that he is a molester, but everyone keeps it hush hush. I think its a disgrace to the whole family for keeping this a secret. The 2 girls he molested were both under 16 and have faced many personal issues as a result of his actions. There might be even other victims that we don't know about. Saeed has a wife, Sima Haken. I am not sure she knows about any of this, but if she does, I don't know how her conscious allows he living with this animal.

I was molested also when i was around 8 years old in the dressing room of a local department store.

Do you ever molest boys? just curious