Molested by my cousin

I was about 8 or 7 when my older cousin teased me. I didn't liked it, but I really didn't know what he was doing so I only grunted, sending him the signal that I wanted him to stop. He did not of course, and I feel ashamed because I didn't rip his eyes out.

Also I was bullied so my life is/was pretty ****** up, and there was a kid at my school who'll pretend that he was having sex with me and all my classmates would laugh at me. The teachers didn't really give a **** about me. Seariously.

I left that horrible school.

My cousin, also, tried to kiss me when I was 13, well he did kissed me, but I at least yelled at him and went to the bathroom cursing him and calling him a disgusting pig. His mother was in the kitchen and told me not fight him, but I ignored her and said "Don't do it again".

He didn't do it again, and when I changed schools kids would just ignore me but that was fine with me. Still I wish I did something else other than just yelling. I used to kick the crap out of him (or he would kick the crap out of me, he's older, you know) when we fought as kids, but I was too afraid and shocked I guess. I hope this never happens again.
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Jan 15, 2013