Molested In Toilets

This is what happened as a child on holiday.
I was aged 9 and on holiday with my family in Gt Yarmouth. It was a large caravan holiday park. We were there for a week and during that time I had met a boy around my own age who was there with his family. Every morning me and this lad went to the showers at about 8am and his dad usually came with us. The showers were cubicles but had no doorways. There were 3 or 4 of them if I remember. I thought nothing of it at the time but my friends father always finished his shower first then stood drying himself close to my shower where he could see me. He would talk to me and watch me at the same time.
On the last day of my friends holiday I went to the showers to meet up but only his dad was there. He explained my friend was sick and wouldnt be able to say goodbye to me but he had a letter to give to me.
He took me into the large disabled toilets/shower saying I could read it there and it wouldnt get wet. We went in and read the letter. Then he said why not shower here and turned it on. He proceeded to remove my clothes giving the reason that he helped his own son sometimes so I didnt think much of it. I went into the shower and came out a few mins later. He had my towel in his hands. Well he made me stand there whilst he started to towel me dry. He dried me all over, under my arms, my tummy and further down. I remember him lifting my little **** to dry underneath and it started to get hard. Keeping his hands on my **** he dried my balls gently. His hand was hot and my **** was fully hard by this time. Letting go he turned me around and towelled my bum. He spread my cheeks far apart. It was important to dry properly there he said. I could feel his fingers touching my little hole and wriggling around.He asked if it was nice and whether anyone had done it to me before. I said old man in the park but I didnt tell anyone about it. Well that was a green light to him I think. He bent me over and really started to finger me. The I felt hot wetness on my hole...he had knelt down and was starting to lick it. I remember my **** twitching as it felt so nice. After a while I was turned round to face him with my little **** stuck out. He tickled my balls and underneath and watched my **** jerk about. This was too much for him and he sucked my little **** straight into his warm mouth and his right hand went round the back and cupped my bum. His fingers soon found my hole and he sucked and fingered me relentlessly. As this wasnt new to me I let him carry on till he had had enough.
I had been fingered and my little **** sucked many times in the park by different men and had become used to it.
Now men dress me up in their wifes panties and do these same things to me. All are a lot older than me and use me for their pleasure.
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I had the same happen to me

I went to an English boarding school and had some experiences with the older lads that I could tell you about ome time, but nothing quite like that ever happened.

Im sure he was soo nervious at first not sure how you would react. Once you gave him notice he was safe what fun he must have had getting to play with you, Im sure he loved it!!! Lucky guy running into a boy like you back then. Suprised he didnt have his son there with him, good chance he was molesting him too.