Losing The Innocent Me

He was my stepfather and I was 9. My biological never bothered and actually we've never met. I always wanted a dad, so I instantly fell in love with my stepdad, but in a non-sexual way. He was nice, loving, and fun. My mother was sooo happy and I knew it was because of him. My mother started leaving me at home with him. My 1st encounter involved him asking me about ************ and if i knew what it was. I didn't, so he explained. After explaining, he told me it was ok to do it. He then told me to do it. I remember this feeling of shame, but I didn't want to disappoint him. He pulled my penis out and started rubbing it. After I became arouse, he said, "you do it." From age 9 until i was 12, my stepfather performed oral sex on me, allowed me to perform oral sex on him, we kissed, rolled around on top of each other naked... We did everything except anal sex. Little did i know, this man was breaking me into pieces, damaging my mind and heart...
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Jan 21, 2013