"its Fun"

when I was about 4 yrs old my father started sexually abusing me.he started one night after he came home drunk.he had alreadg been grooming me for that moment I just didn't know it.I remember him saying it would be fun and that I need to learn for when I grow up.he took my pants off and began to stick his fingers in my vagina.I twitched and squirmed but he just said to be quiet.he then pulled out a video camera and began to record.he made perform oral sex on him.made me ********** for the camera and eventually he began to penetrate me.I remember being terrified but also remembering him telling me that it was something I was supposed to enjoy.the same thing would go one for the next couple of months every Friday.after about 6 months later he began to bring friends over and made me where sexual outfits that were customly designed for children.I was 5 by this time.he then allowed his friends to take pictures of me posing in the outfits.this went on once a week for 3 weeks.then one day my father and his 2 friends made me perform oral sex and anal sex with the the three of them while a camera was set up recording the whole time.at one point he put a huge cucumber in my anus.my father abused me til I was 10 until the law finally caught up with him in a child *********** ring.I am telling this short version of my story ti let people know that they mist teach their children about these kinds of things because predators are expert groomers.my father made me believe that what I was doing was right.and he made me think that i was enjoying it.he manipulated tricked and seduced me at a very young age.he ruined my childhood and my love life as an adult.be careful and watch out for these disgusting evil men.they could be close to you..
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I'm so sorry!

I'm so sorry I couldn't start to comprehend the life you were put through! I hope all is well I'm so sorry