Molested By Her Grand Father

Molested by her grand father this is a true story told to me by my ex wife it started when she was 9 her grand father would get her alone and start feeling her breasts and between her legs and also sucked on her breasts he put his finger in her. This went on till she was 16 when she went out to the shed and found her grand father and her little sister doing the same thing . Her sister had her top pulled up and her pants down her grand father was sucking on her breasts and had his finger in her , her sister was 11 and my ex said it made her mad that he did this to her sister that it was something special between her and her grandfather . She was mad about it and then told her mother that her grandfather had done that to her sister and also to her . it ended when the mother confronted the grandfather . my ex wife had often told me that she liked her breasts sucked on that she missed her grandfather doing it.
cplnohio cplnohio
51-55, M
Jan 22, 2013