Secret Games

I don't remember what age I was exactly, but around 3-4 years old when my dad started molesting me. My mom worked a lot and dad was a designer that worked from home, in a studio space he built in the basement. So I spent most of my days playing at daddy's feet or off on my own around the house with my toys and he would check on me every now and then. It all started with dad giving me baths in the mornings after mom went to work.
He would touch me and rub me, saying I needed to get clean so I'd smell like a flower. I remember liking this, it would tickle and feel nice when he rubbed me down there and the idea of being like a flower was fun to a little girl. Sometimes he would take pictures of me in the bath or before he dried and dressed me.

Then one day, when we were in daddy's studio, he asked if I wanted to see some pictures. I said yes, and he went over to his cabinet and pulled out a bunch of magazines and a folder. He sat me up on his lap and started flicking through the magazines on his desk. It was naked women, posing and bending over, playing with themselves etc. Being curious about what I was seeing I started pointing at different things and would ask what they were, and daddy would tell me. After he told me the woman rubbing herself was "playing a fun game that made her feel good" I asked why daddy liked looking at the pictures, and he told me that it made him feel good too, and that made daddy want to play a game with himself. Being a little girl, and naturally wanting to join in any game being played, especially one by daddy, I asked if I could play too.
He said I could, but I had to promise that our games would be secret, and mommy didn't like playing games. That was ok with me, daddy's baths were a secret too and I liked those.
He told me to take off my stockings and panties and to sit on the chair. He showed me some more pictures of women bent over and spreading their legs, and pulling apart their butt cheeks to show the camera.
Daddy said he liked looking at the pictures, but he liked looking at me more, which made me giggle, because the naked ladies were pretty. He said the pictures made him feel good, and did I want to watch him play like he did with the pictures. I said yes, and he took down his pants and boxers, exposing his penis to me. I had seen daddy naked before, but not this close, and he was already semi erect so I just giggled and looked at it. He started playing with it, slowly moving his hand up and down, and said looking at me made him feel good, did I want to be like daddy's pictures? I said ok and he spread my legs, pushing my dress back to get a better view of me. He kept saying how pretty I was and how good it was making him feel, which made me happy - I loved my dad and wanted to please him. He moved a bit closer and started rubbing my thighs and between my legs while he jerked himself off. He rubbed a finger along my vagina and asked if I liked it. It felt funny and I told him, but he stopped and asked me to turn around and stick my butt out, I did what I was told and felt his free hand caressing my butt cheeks. He asked me to spread my butt like the ladies in the magazine, so I reached back and pulled my cheeks apart. Daddy said I was doing a good job, I was a good girl, and that he felt really good. I felt sticky warmth spray on my butt and back, and thought I had done something wrong when daddy told me to get off the chair. But he was quick to tell me I had done everything right, and how much better it was with me and not the pictures. While he wiped his come from my back he asked if I had liked playing, and if I wanted to play some more, funner games next time. As far as I knew it had been fun, nothing bad had taken place, just a bit of confusion. And it had made daddy feel good so yes, I did want to play more games. He hugged me and told me he loved his little girl.


Thank you for helping me get this out. I have a lot more story to tell but I'm off to bed for now. I'll type some more in the morning.
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Wow. Grooming you for more....