A New Game

Some more of my story...

After that day in dads studio, we played our secret games a lot, and I was actually enjoying it for the most part. It was fun to have a special secret with daddy, and he made me feel like I was the most important, beautiful little girl in the world.
In the beginning it was mostly me being naked in his studio or in the bath, posing and doing what I was instructed while dad played with himself or took pictures.
Sometimes he would touch me, or get me to touch myself, but I don't remember him ever penetrating me, at least not up until then. The closest he would get was rubbing his penis against the outside of my vagina until he came, but mostly he would just ********** onto my stomach or butt while I posed for him.

Then when I was in the bath once, with daddy washing me and telling me how pretty I looked, he asked if I wanted to try a new game. I said I did, and he took off his pants and stood at the edge of the bath. He started playing with himself, so I turned to show him my butt like I thought he wanted, but this time he said No it's a new game silly.
Want to help daddy feel good?
Yes, i said.
He took my hand and placed it on his erect penis, and told me that touching him like how he touched himself felt really good.
I remember giggling at first, then curiosity took over as I could feel it pulsing in my small hand. It was warm, and daddy said, That feels so nice, you are really good at making daddy feel nice, and he started moving my hand up and down his penis with his own hand over mine.
I felt happy that I was pleasing my dad, stroking him for a few minutes while he helped.
That feels so good beautiful, daddy wants to finish the game now.
Ok daddy.
He took my hand off his penis and leant in over the edge of the bath, telling me to lean my head back and open my mouth.
He came on my face and some in my mouth, but it caught me by surprise and a coughed and choked a bit. It tasted funny, not bad but not good either.
Daddy told me I was his beautiful little girl, and how pretty I was and how good it had felt, while he washed my face with a cloth. I was still a bit confused and shocked by what had happened but dad seemed to be happy so I guessed I had done a good job. He toweled me off and took me to my room to get dressed.

I was molested by my father for many years, from around 3-4yrs old till i was 11, when he went to prison for what he did to me and child *********** charges (another story). I was ashamed after everything came out about my father, as I had spent those years unaware that what I had been doing with my father was wrong. I have come to terms with my childhood, with the support of friends and family, and a great therapist who is helping me unlock, rather than block out memories of that time with my dad, so I can face my demons and maybe even help somebody else out there somehow. I have many stories to tell (enough to fill a book) but it takes a lot to get it all out, so bear with me.
Thanks for listening.
littlememyself littlememyself
26-30, F
Nov 22, 2013