I was five I went to a summer camp with my best freind rally he was sixteen I wanted to stay in the same cabin with him but I couldn't so every night we'd sneak off into the woods and tell stories one day he got angry an molested me but the weird thing is I liked it idk why but I did and ever since that day I thought it was something wrong with me eventually rally died because of a heart attack but at his funeral I cried old why I just can't figure it out I still think something wrong with me
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Check this post, you may find it very helpful: http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Was-Molested-As-A-Child/6791712This therapy will not make you forget what happened, but it helped me come to terms with things that happened to me, so that they are now memories, not thoughts that just push their way into my mind.l

Nothing is worng with u didn't understand what he did to u that not ur fault just pray about it ok