Molested But Took Revenge

My friend and I were alter boys.Like so many stories you hear,we were both molested by a priest,wont go into the details.In addition, he took pics of us and kept them , I think they were his way of threatening to expose us,so he had contol,maybe just his trophy pics..We didnt appreciate his advances,so we watched his habits.Now,this was over 50 years ago,life was much simplier.The dorm he lived in,windows were open in the summer,air conditioning was not wide spread yet.We played arounf the church and school grounds and would peek in the windows every now and then.We noticed that every evening after dinner,he liked to drink wine,Sometimes he would drink till he passed out in his dorm.We got into his dorm when no one was around and put enough of my mothers sleeping pills in an open bottle of wine he had in frig to knock out an elephant.We watch that night, and he drank the bottle of wine and collapsed on floor.He was out, soundly. We slipped in thru window,serched his room and found all the poloroid pics he had taken of us and many of the other children.We lived on a farm,so we were familiar with and watched while they were castrating the pigsWe  pulled his pants down to his knees and took my fathers straight razor and removed his testicles.He didnt show up at school the next day,and I guess they transfered him somewere else,cause we never saw him again.But you can bet wherever he went,I doubt he was harming any more children.He is dead by now,he just didnt get to take all of his body parts with him! I think we should have a law and castrate all the perverts!

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4 Responses Mar 27, 2010

Ouch dude no doubt the sick bastard got what he deserved that just made me wince thinking about it. But how would you stop the female sex offenders? It's possible for that to happen

thats awesome, my cousin did basically the same thing but when the lil ****** was out he burnt the house and he died cuz of the smoke or something idgaf he's dead and that makes me happy :)

If we could cut the testicals off of all the sex offennders,the world would be a much better,safer place,and we could put all these perverts to working in a factory like in china so that these unics are now contributors!

We were old enough to understand that if we got caught,society would do nothing to us because of our being under age and what he had done to us,except maybe kick us out of the Catholic school.We also didnt want the embarassment for us of takng him thru the legal system,and him probably getting off with little to no penalty.We were thinking about the other kids he had and would be abusing besides the revenge on our part.He got what he deserved and he knew it I am sure!