I Enjoyed It

My summer camp counseller and I had lots of sex when I was 15. He got me drunk for the first time and sucked me off. I wouldn't have given him any fight if he wanted to do it while I was sober but drunk it was even easier. He gave me some Budweiser and then asked me to take my pants off. I did and he just went down on me. Before I knew it I blew my load in his mouth. Being 15 any boy would have done the same thing I'm sure. But then I flipped my legs back and let him **** me. I had always fingered my hole back there and wondered what it would be like. I guess the beer was talking and I spread for him. I guess I caught him off guard because he was shocked when I pulled my legs back and said to **** me. He went slowly and easily and was soon nuts deep. It felt so amazing to be getting it like that. He only lasted a few minutes and came inside me. We talked for a bit afterwards and then I went back to my cabin for bed. I remember waking up the next morning and having to poop. I was so proud of myself for being "screwed" like that and it felt super neat to feel the *** leaking out of my ***.

I enjoyed his touching and every minute of our time together.
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That's great, you were a horny teen boy who got what he wanted

was it painful having your *** ****** the 1st time

Did you ever have any more occasions like that when you were younger? I often wonder of those who are coming forward are doing it for publicity and money or what. I think the whole thing is blown out of proportion. I would like to hear from others about their experiences and how they felt about them. I think I might have enjoyed it myself.

So hot reading your experience. Thanks for sharing them. I was 12 when it started with older man and still remember loving it and wishing for more. I think many boys shared that same feeling. Unfortunatly today it's much harder for men such as your counselor or scout leader for example, to be alone with a willing boy. Too bad, there are many boys that would welcome it, and both can benifit from the experience.

This really bothers me. You were 15 and you liked it. You weren't molested, your just gay and weird no offense

Nothing wierd about it from my end. I would have jumped at the chance to have some man on man fun at 15 easily!

Then you were not molested you just had sex. The majority of you guys in this section haven't been molested. Yall are just lying to get a closer emotional connection to makes because y'all are gay. Now I don't care about being gay it's about the fact that half of you are Pedofiles who get on he to make other gay *** friends. It's insulting to those who were actually molested. Molestation isn't good it's bad. But for what ever reason y'all like it so it's wrong. Someone needs to create a group in here that says I was Molested as a teenage boy and I liked it. So people like me who were legibly molested.

Wow, I am glad some people finally agree that not all boys saw it as good thing. I was raped, drugged and held captive, there was no way to see that as positive. Being molested by your father could not have been viewed as positive either. I guess some people and some circumstances are different, but I would think that the majority of the cases of an adult using a child for sexual gratification couldn't possibly be motivated by good intentions.

I like the other persons notion that a group should be started that is titled "I was Molested as a teenage boy and Enjoyed it".

your story is so sexy it made me *** myself lol makes me want to come get you & take you to a cabin & relive your memory with you

I personally was molested as well as a kid. I wasn't yet a teen when it happened, I had just turned 12 a couple months before. I have to say at that age I was still naive to the whole sex thing. It wouldn't be later in the school year before we had are sex ed course and even later before my dad and I had the birds and bees talk. Since I really didn't know what was going on I couldn't really say that I did or didn't like it. First off I am not sure why, maybe I was still not developed enough or the inexperience got in my way, but I never even had an ****** at that time. It would be much later before that would happen and then like any teen boy I couldn't stop playing with it. Later on as the abuse continued to happen I started to feel very uncomfortable and when he went after my younger brother I realized that he had been just using me. I still regret the decision today that my parents made. They decided not to go after him, mainly because he was my mothers 2nd cousin and when she was younger he was a good friend to her. She refused to believe that my brother and I were molested by him and even though my dad believed us he didn't want to rock the boat. That camp councilor should be turned in as you don't realize the potential victims he has since he molested you.

Well I recently found out that my molestation happened much earlier then I had thought. I was actually 10 when I first started staying with Reg my 3rd cousin but we called him Uncle Reg. He may have according to my dad been molesting me since the age of 8.

If only all ********* victims are like you guys then maybe lost of us wouldn't be suffering like this. honestly no offense you did those pedophiles a favor... pleas swear you wont be like them... don;t victimize unwilling children when you guys grow up. I'm happy it work out for you guys though....

so hot; i have alot of respect for you, and a hard **** to take care of! thanks for sharing