Doctor Fondled And Jerked Me And I Liked It

Small town family doctor jerked me off all over myself starting when i was 12. happened about once a month for almost two years but did continue after that least a few times a year up till i stopped seeing him when i was 17. Although I remember there were times i thought about it being wrong he was always nice and qentle and I jacked off alot thinking about it later and always looked forward those monthy checkups knowing he would do it to me again. I remember wishing there would be other man or boy there sometime or that he would have a party with others at his house and invite me but unfortunatly it was only just me and him alone. I know now he did with other boys just wish i knew then
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yup - had a doc I saw regularly from 8 on until we moved that did me - never told -

sounds nice

It was nice and I ways had really big ******* when he did it to me. Early on when it first started I used to feel guilty after it happened. But within a few days I would be playing with myself thinking about it and looking forward to it happening again.


I agree with you Tony, No one should ever, ever force themselves on anyone. Ever. That has nothing to do with age or age differences, it's the way it should be for everyone. The doctor never forced me to do anything. Yes he molested me and used his position to take advantage of me and other boys like me. But he never ever forced me to do anything or made me feel unsafe. In fact he had this silly little thing I did with my hand to show him how "relaxed" I was. If I had ever indicated to him that I wasn't 'relaxed' or if I had told him to stop, I am sure he would have stopped and never done anything to me again.

you were a minor and he in your own words used his position to take advantage of you and others and that is the same as forcing you I know because I to was molested by a doctor and by a minster and people like that are in a position of trust

I certainly understand what you are saying Tony. You and I just have differing opinions on how we choose to categorize things that have happened to us.

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Lucky You and I do wish I had a Doctor like this, It would have been nice to be given the attention in that way.

I am amazed at all the negitive comments . Why should people question you sharing what happened to you and what you felt/feel. I have seen many other similar stories on here and people telling honestly if they liked or disliked the this not the point of the site?

There has been a few less-than-postive comments for sure. But with only a few exceptions, I think the comments and e-mails I've received have been mostly positive. And we are talked about a boy being molested by an older man so I did expected some negative opinions on it happening. The negatives don't bother me too much, I know and understand the reality of what happened to me a bit better than someone who has never even met me. But they have a right to state their opinion just as I should have the right to express mine. And I'm thankful that there are many less of them than there are of people like you and others.

I HAD similar experiences with doctors and it all starts very innonsice but always ends the same at first i was ashamed and embarrassed by it but later learned to enjoy it

I dont think him being a minor has anything to do with the morality of the situation if the experience was positive and enjoyable

Your doctor seems like a really great guy!

I think he was a very nice guy, and I'm sure he would have never hurt a boy. But no doubt he loved fondling me alot. Probably as much as i enjoyed it happening. I would peek sometime and he would always be playing with himself while he fondled me and sometimes I would feel his *** hit my stomach. Sometime I know he didn't *** and years later I figured out the times he didn't *** were probably days he had either already *** while doing stuff with other boys ealier or he was saving it because he knew there was another boy coming in later. I felt really bad for him when, many years after this all happened, I heard that a mother had caught him with her son and he quietly retired. Always figured he had to pay her alot of money because he had "hurt" her son but reality is I'm sure that boy liked what he was doing as much as i did.

I have read the sick comments about this and it disgusts me you pigs,even though he liked it ,it was still wrong because he was a minor you idiots.

I agree with gshowr completely.

Shame jiji21 you maybe need help! You continue reading (perving?) what you say are sick comments..... I know that when I am upset with something I am reading I close the page - FINISHED

I 've had similar things happen to me being incontinect my whole life doctors minsers are no better then the next .when i told my parents what the good dr was doing i got a beating for makig up stories about a good dr who was a family friend

I definitely wish I had the same family doctor, as you did!!!

I'm just angry with this site. We have future Pedofiles on here. I honestly believe only 5 stories out of the 40 are true the others are by Gay people who want to be closer to men in a sexual way. You guys are very sick for lying about this. You are the reason why so many children who are molested don't say **** or aren't believed so I hope you FUTURE CHILD MOLESTORS BURN IN HELL.

Why don't you push the blame on the real pedophiles, like the doctors and priest who introduce this to us. When you are 10 years old, no one is in any position to decide who is chosen as a solid pillar of your society.
If a ten year old is allowed to decide on his doctor or chooses if he wants to believe in a so called god, then let him decide.
He will chose a good law abiding mentor.
AT the same time keep the sickies for yourself and do not push these people on the innocent.

No i wasn't talking about that I'm talking about how gay males say they were molested so they can get emotionally close to other males. Why lie about that just say I want a relationship with one. And the said part is I know people come here to beat off to each others stories and that's sick.

I can only speak for myself, but to me this is not a fiction story site (I would make a bet you perhaps know where those are already), but is a open safe place for adults to come and have honest open discussion and sharing of real experiences, both good and bad, that happened to many of us as children, how we felt about it then, and how it may or may not have had an effect (or is that affect, you seem perhaps the type to call me out if I dare be incorrect) on us as adults, the good and the bad.

And then there are those men who seem to be here only to read other mens experiences and write crap. Those people I can not explain, you would have to ask one of them about what they get out of being here.

And you are gay and most likely love children Molestor

Your right I think it's sick that people come on here to lie about this so that they can get emotionally close to other males and that's not cool

Mature adults should have no problem with men or women having sexual experiences with each other on EP. UnderRa8ted you are the one who's sick.

I totally believe u, these sick guck want to here and comment on this story

who the hell are you to judge I find 99 % to be likely to have happened I know from 1 hand experience

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It almost happened to me. My doctor even told my parents to give me "carte blanche"<br />
This however raised eyebrows, and resulted having my parents chose another doctor. Their suspicions were correct afterall , rumors had spread through family members that he had liked young boys.<br />
I did get a full (rather pleasant) examination during my last appointment.

Awesome story... I am jealous that nothing like that has ever happened to me...

I thi'nk there a lot more guys feel like that then many ppl would think, I know i wish it happened more. Looking back on that time with whats happened since I'm pretty sure there was a man from our church when I was growning up that would have loved to have done stuff with me and other church boys if he had known he would have been safe to do it. Wish I had made it more obvious to him that it would have been ok.

It's funny at the time i was being done by the good doctor i knew it was'nt right but did enjoy going to him.For it went on from 13 to 21

Would you have liked to jack him off or suck his ****?

I would have done either if he had indicated he wanted me to. He pretty much always just had me lay back on the exam table with my eyes closed and 'relax' while he did it. Luckily i found a few friends around my age i got to work on my oral skills with )

You are sick!!!!

love your story wish we had the same doctor.

thx i wish i had found other boys back then that loved it as much as i did

love your story wish we had the same doctor.

are you living as a gay male? did you just like the attention or did you feel deeply for him at the time and up until you were 17? may i ask how old you are now?

I live as a (usually) single 50sih male who is not known to have had any girlfriends and has mostly male friends, from there I let most people figure out their reality for themselves :) I did know I liked other boys more then girls even before this first happened but I never felt any real emotional attachement to him, mostly just enjoyed the sexual pleasure he provided.