I Was Fondled And Jacked Off By My Dr. At School.

This happened when i was 13 years old. I was born and at the time was living in a country in southeast Asia. He was my school Dr. I went to him for a annual check up at school in his office. It was customary to be in only underwear and socks waiting for him to call. When i went in, he made me take of my underwear and stand next to his chair, he fondled my **** and fingered my butt hole for a while. I got really hard and he started jack me off untill i came. I was horny and really enjoyed it. He sent a note to my class for a follow up next week and I was excited and nervous but acted surprised that I was being called back again. He again took off my underwear. But this time since I was the only one in the office with no one waiting, he took his time. He made me lie down on the examination table and played with my ****. He sucked my **** and licked and fingered my butthole untill I came. He gave me the address to his private clinic and asked me to come there. I did not have the courage to do that. I never told anyone...several years later, while in college, I read in the papers that he had been murdered by a young man who he had tried to lure into his home for gay sex. I'm sure what he did with me, he probably did with a lot of other boys at school. I still get horny thinking about those times. After that I had several sexuaI contacts with other boys /man. I have an over active sex life. I am bisexual but only prefer cute girlish looking guys. I still love to **** women. I do watch a lot of **** and maturbate a lot.
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I would love to have been molested like that at school! Such a ******* turn on!

good story you sound a lot like me,and your life seems to have moved in same type

wow !

Well, he obvously was a *********. He got what he deserved - cutting his balls off earlier would probably have saved his life, though. Castration for those people. No pity. But at the same time it may save their life as well as prevent them from destroying others....

I fink all school doctores shud b female ..and we as 13,yr old males shud get a good sucking ..bt ur story is rather erotic fank u for sharing

What a female doctor would do with your ****, dude, you don\'t want to know, but she sure wouldn\'t suck it. When a woman sees a lot of ***** of all ages professionnally, and is only taking special care of the uncut ones, the diseased ones, the problem ones, the limp ones, she loses her ability to worship \"The Phallus\", especially the teenage one, which is probably wanked twice a day and doesn\'t necessarily get a thorough washing every time...

whot a ******

If only all doctors would help you out like that!

Oh to be young again, I loved being molested!!

I'm sorry to hear about the death of this doctor. It seems that you cared about him, regardless of any strange feelings you may harbor against him. I also prefer cute, girlish looking guys (;

I remember the same kind of thing. But it was at the school health days.Some of us had to go back again because we got sick. I remember the Dr using the stethiscope to listen in my stomach. I had to lay down on his bench and he opened my zipper and undid my pants and felt all around. I knew something was happening but did not know about it. But I do remember the feeling I got was bigger and bigger till I got the ******. We had those every few months in our school and I always got called out for them. I never told anyone about it happening cause I wanted to get those feelings.

We have VERY similair storys with our doctors, thanks for sharing yours. For the most part I loved what was happening and usually looked forward to the next time. Reading your positive experiences and remembering my own I may have to partake in the same activity robintraveler mentioned in his reply :)