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when i was 12 it was raining so i took a bath at the rain but is was like 2 to 3 am i saw a man coming toward me and he saw me naked he want to touch my c*** i don let him and he want me to dress up and following him to his house or he kill me my mom and dad was not in this city so i have to follow him and he knock out me when i got to his room when i woke i was in a room tied both my hand and leg so i could not move and that man comes in with a scissor and he pull my shirt and cut my pant and my underwear i was naked he take some picture naked of me do orel sex on me and keep hitting me my mouth tap and he f*** me to have more fun i was in pain he ***** himself and start to kissing non stop when he stop he say don tell anyone what happen or he kill me he knock out me one more time and i was woke with someone eles people shirt and pent i hurry home i keep dreaming on him of what happen a few week than i knew he left the city i keep on dreaming about him when i was asleep the pain i felt
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Let me know if you want to talk about it

There was a study conducted during the 1980s by Bandura! It tested whether people enjoyed gang rape... 1000 participants took part with the roles being split into rapists and victims with each group involving 1 victim and 9 rapists! Matter of fact the study showed that amazingly 90% of people enjoy gang rape!? This study is important and shows that gang rape should be considered and legalised by society as it provides the greatest amount of happiness for the greatest number of people!

Sounds like my experience. He told me not to tell anyone or else!

Sounds like my experience. He told me not to tell anyone or else!

im sorry that happened to you man, i know how you feel i was molested and raped for 11 years by my cousin and he took pictures and even videos of me. its a dark sad experience i feel for you i hope you're doing well and getting couseling if it bothers you alot.

what di man do to u that are naked.

I am jealous, I wish he would **** me!