No Anger

My mom left my dad when I was 6 years old so it was just me and my dad after that, but my dad never molest me. He had to work alot and I stayed with my grandma mostly but then she can't keep me no more so my dad asked the man acrosss the street from our house if I can stay there while he's at work. The man was probably about 40 something I guess and divorced so he lived by himself. I liked staying with him because he was funny and had beter stuff at his house than we did. He never messed with me for a long time, but one day he went to the bathroom to pee. He left the door open and I walked in and saw his d***. He laughed and said it was ok because we were both guys and could see each others stuff. He still didn't mess with me but was real comfortable letting me watch him pee and he would take showers while I watch. I liked seeing his d***, I don't know why I just did. One day I went to his house to get something I forgot the day before and walked in while he was j****** off. I stood and watched him finish then asked him questions about what he did. He explained that he was divorced so had to do that to relieve his desires. The next day when I went to stay with him he ask me if I ever did what I saw him doing. I was 8 so no I had not. He ask if my d*** ever got hard and I said yes and he wanted to see and told me to take my clothes off and I did. He had seen me naked while I bathed but not seen me hard. He told me to lay on the bed and he would make it get hard. He then put my d*** in his mouth and flicked it with his tongue until it got hard then just licked on it and sucked it for a few minutes. Then he pulled his pants down and asked me if I wanted to j*** his and I did it until he c**. I stayed with this man until I was 13 and he moved but we did the same stuff from time to time while I stayed there. He was the person that made me have my first ******. I never looked at it like I was being molested, maybe because I liked doing it. I don't feel angry or damaged from it and went on to get married and have kids and no I have never had the desire to do these things to anyone else. I now know that was wrong, but still it don't bother me with what happened as I know it does too many that have been molested.
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Glad you enjoyed it. I learned from a Great Uncle who started playing with me. As I grew older I never felt molested either.

Very nice and I know there are to many men out there that force themselves on young boys and are molested. It is great that this person did not do this. I am glad your Experince was ok. But still as an adult he should have not done what he did and should have waited for you to get older.