I Was Molested... And I Liked It.

At the age of 4 I remember so vividly I was molested by my cousin while she was babysitting me.
It was a simple day me and her. We were playing with my barbies and she stoped all of the sudden. I asked her what was wrong and she told me " Lets play a game I call Eat You Up." at first I was hesitant but I started to go along. She was 13, I was only 4. She told me to take my shirt off. I did. She told me to take my shorts off. I did. She laid me down on my back and told me to relax. I did. She started to trace the sides in my belly button. I giggled aloud and she said "Thats what it will feel like the entire time." She got down to my waist line and took off my panties. I sat up quickly but she told me it's fine and laid me back down. She traced my private part till I started giggling again. She started to take her clothes off too. She was very mature for her age. She sat me up and started to pull me close to her boobs. She pushed my face very close to her neck and started rocking me back and forth. She laid me on top of her and started to move me down to her "private" area. I tried to pull away, once again she told me it was fine. I went alone. She told me to taste it " My dog likes I'm sure you will too!" I tasted it. It was ok. I started to like it she shifted her weight on me and started licking me. I loved it. I kept asking for more. She told me we had to stop for today and if I told anyone I would go to hell.

I didn't tell anyone. She babysat me at her house this time. Her house was big with a spiral staircase. her parents left while we were watching Casper(I think). When we heard her parents drive out of the driveway I asked if we could play"Eat You Up" She said we were.
When Casper was over we went to her room. She started taking her clothes off and I did too. Her parents were going to be gone for 4 hrs. We laid on her bed and started playing. Different this time. She put me on top of her covers and left for a second. She came back with didlos. I didn't know what they were at the time but I went alone. " I found this in my mums room! We can play with them!"
I went along with her excitment think they were food. She got her computer and showed me something new "****". She told me if I liked it we would keep going. The women were pretty, I wanted toibe like them. When it was over I told her I liked it. "Good" she told me and I laid down. She started to lick me again this time better like I was craving it. She started to rub her fingers on me so I giggled. She started poking my "pee-hole" and told me to stay still. It hurt but I liked it. She stuck one finger in, I moaned. She laughed and stuck 2 fingers in. I was moaning louder. She brought her fingers out ind licked them clean then licked me. It felt like I started peeing but I didn't care I loved the excitment it gave me. She started to make out with me and knot her fingers in my hair. She picked up a didldo and told me to suck it. When I was done she stuck it in me. I moanede even louder than before and my hands went to my breasts. She started pulling it in and out really fast. She told me I was squirting. She said it was ok so I didnt care. She told me to doit to her so I did.

We had sex everytime she babysat me. I loved it so much. Yet at suck a young age I didnt know it was bad.
but I still love it and the feeling.
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Society will tell you it is bad, but was it really? You seem to have enjoyed it. It doesn't sound like you were harmed in any way.

got me soo hard now

i must admit when my brother first starting "playing" with me it hated it but after a while I started to really love the feelign of being he play thing and loved making him happy i became his sex toy for a number of years and would often be used by him and my cousin.

YOU WERE 4!!!!!!??!??!?!?

lucky u

As long as it doesn't rule your thinking and life so that you can't do anything else, I say have fun! Too many people live lives with no enjoyment.