I Cried While Writting This, But I Had To Tell Some One.

So this is my first time telling any one. I am normally a really open person about my life. I exposed my darkest secrets on this sites and got nothing but support. But those secrets are shared in my personal life with people like my brother. I have told no one about this.

It only happened for a few months when i was 6. I was in kindergarten when my brother and I met my best friend, Gabby. She is still my best friend to this day. And even though all three of us were in it together, we have an unspoken agreement never to talk about it, little does she know the memory tears me apart inside. Her next door neighbor had a teenaged son and we called him Bubby. (I hate that name). He was dangerous, on more then one occasion he chased Gabby and I on his skate board holding an ax (most vivid memory of him). I was always afraid of him, but some how he tricked us. He said he was having fun and that he loved us, and if we wanted to be cool, we would do what he told us to do. He made up a game saying he is the king and we are all his understudies. To move up in the game we have to do things for him. One of those things was to play truth or dare. (we mostly picked Dare because we wanted to show off.) He would dare us to do things to him, and to each other, and to our selves. He watched and played with us all the time.

Another time was with my cousin. The same year, maybe the first grade, I can hardly remember. I just remember I was young. My brother thought it would be fun to play seven minutes in heaven with him and a friend of ours who lived down the street. It was mostly My brother and i who got picked, and then they made fun of us because my brother and I would kiss and go a lot farther because that's what we would do with Bubby. We didn't know we were doing anything wrong.

In first grade people started noticing i was acting out sexually and I was exhibiting the symptoms of molestation. I tried to tell some one. DCF came to my home and my mom sat me down and said "Our family can be ruined. Tell them nothing happened. That your brother never hurt you." I didn't want to loose my family so I lied. My brother never hurt me, but I told them that everything I told to the counselor at school was a lie, that I wanted attention. My dad went to jail on false accusations because they thought he did it and told me to lie.

After that though my Mom moved us out of the town because people started to talk about my dad. Saying things like he rapes little kids, and that their daughter will say she was molested by every one in town, she will police on every door step. Thankfully it stopped, and Bubby was arrested on other charges with other kids but he was much older and much more daring. my father is out of prison, but has that lable stuck to him forever. We are working past that, and no one ever seems to talk about it
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I'm sorry this happened to you. How ironic that when a father HASN'T done anything, they are assumed to be the culprit, yet so many times when a father HAS done something, they get away scott free. Our justice & child protection system is so broken, and I'm sorry you, your father and the rest of the family had to suffer through that.

thats bad that your mother told you to lie. i'm sorry this happend.

i wish my father would go to jail.i got sexually molested by my bio father since i was born tell age 15. the police wont do anything about it.

How terrible that your family (especially your father) is having to pay for what that ******* did. :(<br />
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I wish I had a magic wand to make it all better, but all I can offer is lots of virtual hugs. {hugs}