I Got Sexually Molested By My Bio Father

i was born 1991 march 10th. since then my bio father sexually molested me, raped, sexually assaulted me tell age 15 in 2006 and beaten me with a belt since i was three years old tell age 13 in 2004. my fathers name is Gerry Heller and i got recorded by the pine city pine county minnesota police when i was 19 years old in 2010. investigator Tom Pitzen was laughing and smiling while i was being recorded. the pine city police did not arrest my father. i also got sexually assaulted by my bio brother Jeremy Heller he poked me in the breast on purpase.My brother was 16 and i was 15 at the time when he poked my breast. our father was teatching him to be a sex offender just like him. i also got sexually abused by my step mom Rebecca King she made me and my brother lye on the living room bunk beds completly naked with just are bottom underwear on for a full hour infront of every one laying on a pile of pop corn seeds for punishment for something i didn't do that my brother did.i was 7 my brother was 8 and my breast were showing because i had no bra. my father raped me as a baby by puting his fingers in my vagina and when i was two years old he forced me to walk around the house naked. at three years old i told my mom that my father sexually molested me. He was still not arrested my mother did nothing. my mothers name is Karen Klare. when i was 13 years old my father sexually pinched me in the vagina about three different times. he would always pinch me in my but and anus since i was three years old. When i was 7 and 8 years old i got aggravatedly raped by my father while him and my brother striped down to his under wear and my father forced me to be completly naked with no under wear on and he molested me while holding me up in the air naked. i'm 21 years old female now and this stuff still severly hurts me. i want my father,brother, step mother and grandma in prision. watch my youtube videos on http://www.youtube.com/user/MPQZbvncx?feature=mhee my grandma sexually abused me and my brother her name is Ruby Heller and she would pull are pants down infront of eachother and spank are buts with her bare hands. please watch my youtube videos comment on them and subscribe to my channel it would help me alot. i got sexually abused by my step mom and bio father one night because i couldn't go to sleep on a slippery floor they forced me to be completly naked in the kitchen on the dirty floor infront of a open sliding glass door for about a hour. i was 7 years old when they did that to me it was a repressed memory i was so traumatized by it after they were done sexually abusing me i completly forgot about it. i think i was 21 when i first remember it. growing up i tried many times calling the cops and telling people what he did to me. but i couldn't by pass the dumb operator i never got a chance to talk with a officer because of the stupid operators. every time i called it was a stupid female operator. i hate female operators and female cops they are really dumb. being a 911 operator and a police officer is a mans job and i also think women should not be in the military it's a mans job to serve our country. i know i sound sexiest but because of everything i've been through i feel safer in a good mans arms. i'm always looking for a guy to be some one my father was not a good man. when i was 12 i tried running away when i lived at my grandmas house in pine city minnesota it was 30 below zero out side and i stayed out side for two hours contemplated wether or not i should walk in a restruant to call 911 or stay outside in a park and freeze to death i finally desided to walk in the pizza pub and asked the lady to call 911 and she did but i was dumb and asked for a female officer once the female officer came she took me in her car in the front seat with her to talk and i told her my father was sexually molesting me. she turned me down and said well i don't see any reasons to take you out of the home and so she took my back to the ********* house where my father was. i was on my period at the time and i didn't feel good so i demanding i stayed home while my father and brother went to the kindom hall of jehovah witneses my father said yeah right you just want to stay home to watch tv but i didn't i felt down and sick from my period but he didn't listen and forced me to go to the kindom hall it was at 7:pm at night and i was in severe emotional pain from not being able to stay home and when we got to the kindom hall it was cancle and closed quencidently. so we went all that way for nothing i cried a little in the car. when we went back home i layed down. 

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What ******* drugs are you on? You are off yr face

You are stronger than they are and can overcome this. Do not give them the power to destroy you. You can overcome this. You need time and people that can support you. Do not give up the fight as there are many resources out there for you.

Sorry to hear your story I hope you are able to move on with your life at some point and find the happiness you deserve

every one make some comments i would love to here from you and add me as a friend.