I Got Sexually Molested By A Ambulance Woman

i was 13 years old in 2004 durring the summer time and i was dumbster diving behind a thrift store in pine city Minnesota. i made a big mess outside by the road and i got to tired to walk home so i fell asleep in the dumpster and

i woke up at 5 am in the morning and i peek out of the dumpster to see if any cars are going by cause i didn't want any one to see me cause i thought i would get introuble if some one saw me. i saw a car so i quickly closed the dumpster lid and i peeked out of the dumpster again but dam there was more cars so i was to scared to come out of the dumpster and walk home.

i made the biggest mistake staying in the dumpster waiting for the cars to go away because a ambulance and a cop came by and grabbed me out of the dumpster. the ambulance guy said i had to get a pat down before going into the cop car to go home.

i said no but the dumb guy persisted and made me stand there while the ambulance woman sexually molested me she rubbed my two butt cheecks and rubbed my crotch twice and rubbed my breast once.

when i got home i called the cops but the dumb police officer wouldn't do anything about it because i didn't have any names of the ambulance people that molested me. the ambulance woman was wearing gloves when she molested me. it was not a regular pat down it was the kind of pat down a grown up would get in a jail and a prison. i was only 13 years old and it was outside in public i didn't deserve this. i told my ********* father but ofcourses he didn't care and he said "good" when i told him.
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Waa waa waa, me me me me waaa waa. Pathetic.