Was I Molested? Fondled? Or What?

i recently was at the ranch ( where i bored my horse) and the guy that owns the place, i have known for 5 years. i think of him as a grandpa. and one night i was leaving and i was walking to the car to leave and he came to say bye to me and he was acting weird. he was saying "u feel good girl" things like that. and he kinda touched the side of my boob. and when i was in the car he ran his hand up my thigh subtlety but he didn't touch anything. but i didn't say anything. cause we kinda play around like that but not to that extent of like touching. i was molested when i was little and i feel really uncomfortable when men touch me. so i kinda froze up and didn't say anything. and left as fastly as possible. was i molested,fondled or what?
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3 Responses Dec 14, 2012

Sounds legit to me but maybe you should ask him not to do those kind of things because it makes you uncomfortable in stead of him thinking it's ok :) XxXxXXxx

I dont know what the exact word for the situation. But the guy is obviously having creepy intents with you. Stay away from him and distance yourself from him as much as possible.

yikes thats creepy!