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I was molested as a child by four people: my cousin (male), my mom's best friend's son, a family friend (female), and my mom's other best friend's daughter. I only told my mom about one of them, my cousin. That did not go very well. I was 8 when he first started molesting me as far as I can remember. I told my mom he raped me because I didn't know the difference at the time (I was 13.) She took me to the ER. The doctor gave me a very painful exam, and then told my mom I was a liar and no one had ever touched me. She took me home and beat me until I couldn't stand. The next week, she took me to court and told them she didn't want me anymore. I went into foster care and stayed there until I was 18.
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Really sorry about how you were treated. It scars you for life - hopefully you can channel your rage and hurt into something positive and even enjoyable. My sexual obsessions have grown out of abuse and deprivation - I've learned to channel it into something that I enjoy in the extreme. I don't see any other choice

Sound horrible. But you know what doesnt kill you makes you stronger. I hope you have learned to deal with that. Hope you are in a good place now.

Im sorry you went through that I too was molested by my Brothr and my cousin from the age of 8. I never told anyone it does change you though and now I look at my children and think how lucky they are to not have that happen to them.