From age 3 to 12 I was molested by at least ten people... I still have night terrors and I'm afraid to be in a relationship, I never have, because of this... I'm a very loving person but don't trust anyone. Sometimes I just want to die because I feel filthy and dirty. I try to hide it but have very bad PTSD from being nearly raped... I don't know what to do anymore...
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also if you need a friend i am here :) hope to hear from you soon

i will break every bone in his body,. I have a niece and nephew and if any body abuses them. Heads will roll

Thats very bad but you should not feel guilty about yourself since you haven't done anything wrong...those bastar*d*s should be behind the bars. I think should not keep quite to your friends, relative and put them behind the bars. Put all this behind and plan your future otherwise if you keep thinking then won't be able to do anything in life.

I don't really have relatives... Not ones I trust.

Talk to friends and if not then authorities but wisely.