My Babysitter

I am confused on where to put this story. I don't feel bad about it. or at least not seriously. And I feel I have had much worse from my mother. as a baby. But here it goes.

I was a 6 year old boy and my sister was 4 years old. Our parents left us with this female babysitter of about 12 - 16 years old. It was night time and she got us to watch a bit of a horror movie. She told my sister to go to bed as she was too young for this movie.

After that I remeber her encirling her legs around me while we were watching the movie and her touching my penius. None of this twigged on me as unusual as none of it connected to anything I knew. Later I felt a vibration behind me as she was ************. She came and snuggled her vagina to me and encirled her legs around me more. Later she said to me that I should go to bed as well.

Later that night I woke up as she was on top of me trying to get my penius into her. she said "can't you make this hard?" , I said I would try not knowing how to make my penuis hard. Eventually she said nevermind and I said I still wanted to try. But she said go to sleep. So I did.

I am not sure what to make of it as from an adult perspective I am fortunately not scarred or threatened by the memory. I do have an anger towards being used by woman thought. (Ironically, I was in a 10 1/2 year marriage where I was used, threatened, and hurt by my wife)

Maybe there was scarring but I feel my mother abused me sexually as a baby. My father was a bus driver and was gone for long periods of time.
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