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I Caught My Brother Touching My Nipples When I Was Asleep

We live in a small house so I have to share rooms with my younger brother (15 years old). I'm a 18 year old girl. I told my parents many time I want my own room, but they won't listen. Here's what happened this morning:

I was sleeping by my side, facing right, with both my hands raising up. Probably it was too hot, my shirt was rolled all the way up, revealing the left side of my waist.... and unfortunately, half of my nipple was visible. I felt a little press on my left nipple, which made me wake up. I saw my brother walking into the toilet. So I quickly pulled down my shirt and felt relieved, hoping he didn't see anything!

Later, I was lying by my side again, facing left, both hands raising up, my shirt down covering my body well. Suddenly I felt two light presses on my right nipple. This time when I woke up - holymama - I saw my brother's face in front of me, his hand still in front of my chest! He immediately spun around and walked into the living room, pretending like nothing happened! He thought I didn't see him? I did! Thinking back, he probably touched my nipple too when my shirt was rolled up.

I simply hate him more now. And today's incident proved one thing, he's totally a jerk. How can he do it a second time, when alright, first time's probably curiosity. I'm really afraid now, but I keep calm.

I almost wanted to yell "Stop touching me again or I'll tell mom!" But I think I should just pretend nothing happen and hope everything slowly subside. It's really embarrassing. I don't think I'll tell anybody. I'm just sharing this online 'cause I really need listening ears. Thank you for your time.
huggypiggy huggypiggy 18-21 35 Responses Oct 8, 2011

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You people act like he is a baby he is 15 he knows what he was doing. She should slap the ****** out of him

As a girl I've had this happen before as well but it felt really good so I've started to suck on my on breast so yeah. Though this one time he fell asleep but he had a bone so I took off his pants and started sucking on it. so it depends if you want it

Quit being a drama queen and enjoy the experience. My god you act like its a rape. Say something or put out!

something like that happened to me too , i told him if anything like that happens again ill tell our parents , and i think he stopped but of course my actings against him changed so my parents think that ı hate him and im a hateful person and they raised me wrong and felt sorry for my brother

You should voice out, if not thing will get worst. Desires of a guy can grow easily if they thought there might be a chance for them to do more if u keep silence.

I am 22 and my sister is 18 year old. I have tried many times to touch her. I have shown my erect **** to her to get her horny. I always make her know when i do handpump of my penis. One night when she was sleeping in her rrom i entered and kept her palm on my erect penis and ************ and with second hand i was touching her ***** softly and was trying to enter my one of the finger. After 20 minutes she woke up and started to shout loudly. I silently ran to room and pretended to sleep. Though she did not tell anybody of my home but from now she dont talk to me or loook at me.
She is younger than me and run away from the room when i am in .

I've been in his shoes. I had a friend of mine (a hot girl) sleep at my house and I'm 15 at the time and she was so pretty and while she was sleeping I touched her butt and she woke up kinda and I played it of as I was getting something and a couple of days later she text me and asked why I did it and I told her that she was pretty and I was curious. I had never felt a girls butt before and she told me to never talk to her again and any of her friends. What I'm getting at is don't let this faze you. He is young and curious. I was to and it ruined a friendship that was years long. Talk to him and stay calm and simply ask why and to not do it again. If you get mad and let it get to you he will be scared. I know as soon as she asked why my stomach sank and I felt like I was gonna throw up. I felt so bad and still do cuz I haven't talked to her since. Just talk to him that's all and don't be made be calm about it

i think you can tell him to find a girl friend and help him <br />
its the best way for both sides to stay away of each other

Wth ! And yes I would feel the same wat embarrased and have weird thoughts but make sure to look mad and maybe wear a top that won't go up or have a camera on at night but he mite stop but then start doin it once it's been a whole so be careful

Can you send pic of nipples

U fat pig u act like he raped u or something. He is just horny

Let boys be boys!!

I hope u rly get raped when ur older u fat pig!

What is wrong with you?!? Maybe that's allowed in the shack of hillbillies you were born in but where decent people live that's not ok unless they give their consent. By the way that right there is sexual harassment so just because it's not rape makes it ok? NO!

I don't think I have ever seen such a rude comment in all my life (and I've had my fill of rude). Firstly just like you, every woman deserves the right to her body and the right to choose. How would you feel if a sexual act was performed on you without you're consent? Secondly you don't have any idea what this person looks like. Who are you to call this person a fat pig? lastly how dare you say something like "I hope you get raped" you insensitive, unsympathetic jerk. Just because he's a horny teenage boy he should get to do whatever he likes to his sister in her sleep? Talk about an invasion of privacy. I hope you know I signed on to this website just so I could comment on your sexist god awful comment. You should absolutely be ashamed of yourself.

I do hope that was a very sad excuse of a joke. Other wise, you need to see a professional about your mental stability. If you think a fifteen year old boy touching nineteen year old sister is acceptional then you are sadly mistaken. You are why people are raped and not reported. What if this young lady really is raped? Would you feel bad? Would you say "Let boys be boys" then? If so, you, yourself are the pig. People like you need to be exterminated.

^5 agree.

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i wish to do the same to u

Is that the only way you can see a naked girl? Ha ha. I would jerk and twist your peepee until you cried like a baby. To see or touch me you would have to beat me in my belly until I couldn't fight or tie me spread eagle. I wouldn't allow either.

You should just walk up to him one day and *****. Give him a good view of your breasts and bush and tell him its his turn. That should end the touchy stuff when you are sleeping.

He is 15 ofcourse he is going to be curious I remember back when I was his age I got in trouble for the same thing but not to my sister my sisters friend I touched her when she was sleeping I got in trouble but now I know u need to tell him urself he dosent understand how everything suppose to work

You gotta talk to him first, see what made him do that, then explain him why it's wrong for him to touch you like that, and only if that don't work then tell your parents. At 15, kids are curious and it's not like he wants to sleep with you more like, he was curious to see them. Now, screaming, or hating him wont solve the problem, 'cause he might try again and if you don't do anything about it, he might think you like it and try other things too. So talk to him, see what drove him to do that, and like a big sister that you are, keep calm. Remember, screaming or getting into a fight with him, would only make it worse. Just ... talk about it, with him or your parents about it. If you keep this in you, it will affect your lifetime relationship with your brother, and for what? For touching you inappropriately on a nipple ? Yeah, it's bad, but not murder like bad ! Talk to him!

Some people on here with ur sick *** comments.need serious help.

my sister did it 2 me

Yeah, i see you all heart broken about it :)

Yall are fkn.sick if i caught or just heard of my son touching his sister like that i would have beat the **** out of him.

He probably has been tonguing and fingering his sister since she was seven. I'm sure he has been playing with and sucking her areoles. She probably has been sucking his peepee as well. Ask them.

wow please dont make a big deal about it maybe talk to him and let him touch a littl more but put limitts this happend to my sister and my and she didnt put limits so i continued and continued and its a long story but know she hates me and dhe never talks to me please dont let this happen to you

u're ******* sick man!

Let it turn u on. Why not turn the tables and totally freak him out by touching him as well. U could make it a fun experience for both of u. I know a brother and sister around ur same ages who love it when they're alone together. Turn the situation into a positive, exciting experience for urself and enjoy. U can see it as a negative thing, or as something with lots of naughty, but nice possibilities. He'll be doing whatever u want, u'll have him obeying ur every wish, eating out of ur hand. Swing it ur way. Take a look at Good luck whatever u decide.

my sister caught me.we did make a good thing of it.I learned how to lick ***** n suck on nipples.she learn how to give great head,wow she could suck a ****..but we never did have intercourse

I am an 18 guy with a younger brother. I can tell you all right now that its not something to just brush under the carpet. I'm seeing my brother being the curious pubescent boy that I was when I was going through puberty like when he peeks down the shirts of my female friends from behind when they are sitting on our couch. ladies - tell your parents. They should be the ones to enlighten him on what's going on in his head. If us boys aren't confronted it can become a very dark and secret perversion. The kind that corrupts good men. a little boy looking down a girls shirt may be awkward and innocent then, but just picture the same behavior in a grown man??

hmmmm...I started to notice my 11-yr bro seemed to peek down my shirt sometimes. but I am still not sure if this is true. hmmm

he's curious, talk to him about it, and stop situations like the one above from happening!

Last summer my brother sneaked into my room and fondled my boobs. He didn't realize I woke up but we both felt my nipples harden. He bravely touched my panties then slid his hand in. I was nervous so I just laid there. His hand touched my vaginal slit then slipped into me. I became wet quickly. Then as fast as it began he left. I don't know if I should confront him or just let it go. I'm not mad just confused.

How old are u

My wife was very drunk once and told me her brother used to touch her when they were young and lived with their parents.

In my family, those things are totally unacceptable. And if they do that they will receive some lecturing and scolding with a bonus of whooping. Curious or not, respect is always above everything. In this day and age, siblings are molesting their little sisters. ...that may not be the case with your innocently curious brother, tho. but you should talk to him or something.

I was 13 and my 15 yr old brother snuck into my room one night. I felt his hand slip under my shirt. I pretended to be asleep becouse I was embarrassed, nervous and excited. He palmed my areoles and rubbed my nipples until they hardened. He also fingered my bellybutton and rubbed the crotch of my panties. I slowly spread my legs a little and surprisingly he slipped his hand into my panties and touched me. I wanted to moan so badly but I only wimpered as if I dreamed. It was exciting for both of us, only he knows though .

Wow! ur my type of girl Gaylynn, what a great story. I"m glad u enjoyed the experience. I like how u slowly spread ur legs a little and wanted to moan so badly and that it was exciting for u and ur brother, how lovely for u both. Add me.

That's actually really sexy... I kind of feel bad for being so turned on

Just let him he won't **** or anything it's just him being curious I was like this when I was 14 but I did girls butts and stuck my face in them

I think he's just curious about girl's bodies. Since you're older just tell him to stop or you'll chop his D**K off. Guys at that age are way too horny and if you got the curves they'll stare lol. So be evil to your bro don't be nice. Later in life he'll respect you more.

No way. My brother had done something like that to me and I tried to tell but choked in he end. You need to say I love you as my brother but if you ever touch me again I will tell mom and dad why I need my own room. I regret everyday not fully standing up to him. You deserve to sleep freely and not on the edge. I am married now but my husband knows the truth and still finds it hard to believe knowing I have yet to do something. Don't be scared like me.