Strangers In My House Title Brother

I grew up in a very dysfunction household and I am the youngest of four children. I don't know which was worst the molestation from older brother(10 years older than me) or the physical abuse from second oldest brother (9 years older than me) but either way both had its effect on my self esteem.

I don't remember much because it started when I was young but I do remember from when I started having memories (about 5 years old) my older brother always force me to preform oral sex on him. I remember crying and telling him to stop because it hurt but he never instead told to shut up and to stop crying before he really hurt me. I remember brother showing me ***** magazine and then reacting the scene he like with me. He always hurt me every time he molested me he told me if I didn't the feel pain then its was not good. I remember him always touching between my legs, kissing, stroking my hair and telling me how much he like f**king me. Sick *******!

When I 6 years old my mother discovery what my brother was really doing when he took me to bed and told my parent that he was reading me a bedtime story.

Now I am 32 years old still living with the effects and currently in therapy working thought my feeling and getting comfortable with my sexuality.
newgirlblock80 newgirlblock80
Jan 9, 2013