Molested By My Cousin

i was 11 that time.yesterday night i had to work so much on cleaning me room because we had a party and i was really tired.then i was taking rest in my bed  and my room was so cool then my cousin came to my room and he said ''the room is so cold can i come under your cambel?'' then i said ''okay''
he came under my cambel and i was wearing a shirt with out any bras.he open the first button of my shirt and i asked why did you do that and he said nothing.then he opened the rest of the buttons and pressed my left breast it was so embarassing.he came down and started to lick my breasts nipple and said ''stop it ! ''but he din't stop.and he put his hand under my pants and his finger inside my vagina i started to cry very badly and silently.he said me if ito me ''if you said this to anyone i will say to your arents you wanted to sex with me''
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What a creep!? Sorry for what happened to ya, hope it doesn't affect you and that you can carry on and live life to the full!

I'm sorry for what happened to ya, it's extremely hard to give advice since I don't know ya. I agree with Apple, except that most guys are not like this. Your cousin is one of the messed up ones.

Hi,<br />
Im sorry for what that jerk did to you. Stay away and keep your distance . Tell your parents . You are , after all their daughter . Trust me most of the guys are like this, I knw cz well im a guy too. and dont be scared .<br />
Although , if this is the past and nothing has happened eversince. Then dont bring it up.. it all depends on ur situation