When I Was A Kid..

I've had a VERY tramatic life...
When I was eight i was being molested by the school jantor, my uncle nolmen (on and off), my babysitter Cory.
This is where the story begins, with Cory. He used to come into my bedroom at night, touch my V*****, my A** and he would make me suck his P****. Later in life he became friends with my brother, who also ocasionally molested me. He had an idea that my brother should invite friends over and they could all take turns. I know... what an AWESOME idea 9 she sadi sarcastically.) My cousin Luke got invited to one of these "parties." He would touch me, make me suck his P****, finger me, and he would actually rape me. During on of these "parties" my borther invited his girlfriend, Lariana. He and Lariana would have sex and then he would have his friend rape her, to "turn him on." On day he invited Luke, Carl, Cory, and one of his "regulars" Shane. Well Luke had to go home and Cory had to drive him so it was just Shane and my borther, Jesse. Well Jesse, Lariana and Shane wanted to go somewhere more "private" so the left me and Car; together. Carl raped me, gently though. He barly touched me! When he was done he saw I was close to tears and started apologizing telling me he never actually WANTED to touch me but that Luke told him to. By then I was 11 and he was 12. Aparently Luek molested this boy too. Well one day my Mom told me she was going to university and since Jesse was "more then capable" of taking care of me since he was 17, she was leaving me with him. Well as soon as my Mom drove off Jesse told me Lariana, Luke, Cory, Kyle (a "Regular"), Shane, Toby (another "regular") and a few of Lariana's friend were leaving for three months! I asked him who I was staying with and he said Carl. I expected Carl to keep me tied to a bed, molesting me the whole three months, so I cried. ABout a week into Carls stay I finally broke down and asked him when he was going to Molest me! He looked shocked and said "do you WANT me to?" I started crying and told him everything! How I THOUGHT he was like "them" and how I hated cory for all of it! After about three weeks me and Carl started to get close. He made me laugh, and he NEVER touched me! Well one day while Carl was at the store Jesse phoned me to tell me Cory and Luke were coming back to check on me and would probually have a few "parties" during there stay. i was SO upset I took a bottle of asprin, a bottle of pain medication, a bottle of sleeping pills, and a bottle of epileptic pills (my Moms epileptic.) I then went and lay down on my bed for what I thought would be the last time. I woke up in the hospital. I say Car; crying and I soon found out I had been in a coma for four months, and that my mother had not been heard of since two months earlier. I found out that the Janitor from the school was brought to court (but not sent to jail or even FIRED!), I found out my Unle Nolen was in jail for 20 yrs, I found out thta Cory was in jail for 15 to life, I found out Luke was in Juvie, and I found out my brother was sentenced to 6 months in jail. WIth no one to take care of me I stayed at Carls house. I since have forgiven my brother because of a series of phone calls (with ALOT of my and his tears), and letters. Apartently he will NEVER fogive himself and Cory and Luke FORCED him to or they would hurt him. We are now VERY close! I am now 19 and married! I have a six month year old daughter (named Ironically Lariana) and Carl and I are VERY happy.
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....I use to have the same problem I used to be touched by my cousin when I was 4-7 and I've been scared for a long time but he finally got to apologize and now Im 13 and living a Almost good life

so sad i cried

Omg I almost cried! I'm so glad u found some1 u love & not another 1 of those... U know... Peices of fuc*ing sh*t. God bless u

thats ******* descusting. you dirty hoe bag.

Dear Eat, you are a mess, a joke, and disgusting. What a pig !

Sounds like a cool ending! Ihope things go well for you & Carl both!

Oh my god! What a story. It reminds me of what I have been through. I don't know what to else but have a great life. And god bless you.

I'm happy you and Carl got married. Just think about future.

Im so sorry about those horrible people. that was terrible for them to do that. And Im happy you and Carl ended up together happily, thats a great ending. I am very happy for you :) Carl seems like a great person

Wow what a story I thought I had it bad I'm glad you are happyer now I'm still trying to fight my own personla hell I'm glad your happy.

Curious to know whether or not you received any counseling.