I Was Molested By A Family Friend..

Briefly, this is what happened..
          My mom let her 35-40 year old male friend live with us. He stayed in MY room. He started molesting me when I was around the age of 5. It only ended when my stepdad made him move out when I was 12. I told him that the man living with us "freaked me out" because if he would've known what really was going on...my stepdad would've killed him. I hate my mom not only because she's an abusive drunk, but also because of all the crap she put me through. One particular thing I remember is my mother...that's right. My mother made me model my shiny underwear for this man who molested me. MY MOTHER thought it would be funny! I was 9...when I started puberty she made me do that. 
          I told her about what happened two years after the guy moved out. She didn't believe me. I didn't tell her earlier because she was having sex with the guy. I knew that if I told her, she would talk to him about it, and my molester would hurt me. Just the day before yesterday, she talked to me about it while she was drunk. I told her not to tell anyone, but she did anyway. One of the friends she told, wants to kill the guy who did that crap to me.
          I don't ever wanna see/talk/hear/think about this monster again. She won't drop it. She always talks about it when she's drunk. Which is all the time. Someone tell me what to do, to shut my mother up. 

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Jordon, from your post, I think your mother knew the whole time he was molesting you and she made you a gift to him. No mother would let a Male Friend stay/sleep in a female childs room. Once you have come to grips with that, you need to tell your mother in front of your stepfather that this guy molested you and if she ever mentions it again, you will need to talk to the authorities about it.... I'm not sure where you live, but there are laws now which allow for prosecution of sex crimes against children.

hopefully u have another family member adult u have in ur family u can trust to talk to her if she wont listen to u. and as i can see ur father cares so he could be the last person u can tell .dont let this situation scare you nor eat u alive ur a great person dont let this pass by like its nothing

Sounds like your mother needs a serious wake up call

Don't let your mother make you think it wasn't traumatising. Because it was. Someone should talk some sense into her. No offense, but she is a horrible mother for making u sleep in the same room with him. I hope you the best. I'll keep you in my prayers. Love, arie