I Was Molested My My Female Cousin

Well two days ago things really got out of hand. I am a girl and so is my cousin. She is always telling me she is "horny" and tries to make moves on me, such as grabbing my breasts, putting her hand down my pants, slapping my ***, and making out with me. i ALWAYS reject it, but she is strong and pins me down. i can usually  never get out of it. i tell my family but no one believes me besides my mom. her mom laughs about it. we are both 13.
so two days ago she locked me in her sisters room while everyone was home. she threw me on the bed and got on top of me. she had my arms pinned down and started humping me like crazy, moaning and everything. she was explaining how good it felt on her vagina. she put her hands down my bra and started grabbing my breasts and tickling my nipples. i was so uncomfortable and started crying. i tried to shout out loud but she was making out with my face. she put her hand down my pants and almost got to ... you know.... before i used all my strength to flip her over off me and ran out the door. i told her sister and she laughed... her mother gave me a "yeah right" look.

i need advice. this has been going on for months now. other than the sexual abuse, she also pushes me around and kicks/hits me , but i never!!! hit back because whenever i hit back or yell at her she goes and tells our WHOLE FAMILY and guess who they take sides to? HER. when i tell them about all this horribe stuff shes does to me they ignore it... i cant take it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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is this your fantasy

Don't see her anymore. Tell your parents. Report it to the police.

I would get a digital recorder and try to catch her. It's harder to deny if there is proof.

if you have a phone or ipod..<br />
set it up on a stand and hide it.<br />
make sure not to look at the camera.<br />
this is a great way to prove your innocence.<br />
i am 13 as well..<br />
that is not fair, i hope you get justice.<br />

You need to learn to be your own person, if you are not going to get any help or support from your own family then you need to fight. Why not just pretend to give in to your cousins demands and get her to open her legs wide to you. Then put on your hardest pair of boots or shoes and boot her vagina as hard as you can. Infact, keep on booting her vagina until it starts to bleed and she needs to go to hospital. This might make her mum take it more seriously, maybe the family will break up, so what, you put an end to this once and for all and fought for yourself for once.

Get help from one of those groups fighting rape. Confide to friends about it. If none of that work, go to the police. If people don't believe you, ignore them and look for those who do. I'm crossing my fingers for you getting help and her getting stopped doing this.

I know how you feel my cuz has been molesting me to but I am 13 Im a boy and my cousin is 23 my parents really trust her and send me to her house a lot but that's a different story I wouldn't want to bore anyone with

I'm sure someone in your family owns a gun

i say you should set up video cammeras so when she does do that to you you can show your family


you need to seak help from an outsider

The person who posted the first comment (epicjesus) is an as*h*le.<br />
Try convincing your family. If that doesn't work out, call 911.

Don't listen to the idiot who posted above. It it obvious that you're very uncomfortable in this situation, so I take it very seriously. First sit your parents down, once more, and tell them everything that she has done to you and that it's at the point that you don't want her around anymore. If your parents still don't believe you, talk to another adult in your family who you can trust or a school counselor. Good luck, sweetie.