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Raped By Doctor

When I was 27 (Im 32 now) I went for a general check-up my usual doctor was on maternity leave so I had a different doctor during the check-up he requested for me to remove my bra ect. I thinking this was a usual thing for doctors to do until ge began squeezing my breasts he that pushed me over and raped me I have never told anyone of what happened.
EstelleHyde EstelleHyde 31-35, F 4 Responses Nov 19, 2011

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Report himD:<

He might have been doing this to other woman.Definely report him.

Still report may find he's done it to other women and you can help to get him out of practice and away from others.<br />
I hope you will get counseling to help you with your feelings. You did nothing wrong.

You really should have reported him. That must have been terrifying for you! I feel so badly for you. I am glad you told us here at EP. You need to at least get it out of your system. Talking it out does help. If this has affected the way you see yourself .... counselling can help. I hope you will feel better about yourself.