I Was Molested By My Father!

Hi, My name is Sophie Anderson, i`m 16 years old and turning 17 January 10th. I know what my profile says about the age, i needed to lie about my age so that i can tell you my experience about being Molested by my relative.

I remember that i was only five when this started. I was alone with my father in the house one early Saturday afternoon, when my Father took me to my parents` bedroom
and started to take off my shorts, then my shirt. He took off all of his clothes off and started dry humping me until my mother got home from work. It stopped when i turned 15, because i have an overprotective boyfriend named Angeal who will put him in a Coma. I told my boyfriend about it, he believed me and swore to protect me from my father for the rest of our lives. I never told anyone because my father kept threatening me if i told anybody, but i told my boyfriend plus all my guy friends behind his back. I told my Mother, but she shrugged it off as a Dream. I wanted to tell my experience to more people, so my best guy friend, Cloud, told me about this site just yesterday. This experience went on for a little over ten years. This still haunts me to this day. If you don`t completely trust me, i just want to say Thank You anyway for taking your time to read this.

And i want to tell Angeal`s words to you readers:
Embrace your Dreams,
If you want to become a Hero,
You need to have Dreams...and Honor

IstillmissyouAngeal IstillmissyouAngeal
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Lmfaoo isn't that a game? From Final Fantasy VII
Angeal is a character there who mentioned this quote earlier.

I am sorry to hear that, I am now 42 years old but I too was molested by my dad after my mom died. Always remember it was not your fault, never feel ashamed and do not allow what happened to you to control your life. Be blessed.

Sorry about the typo, i was thinking about my friend Tifa who is dating Cloud

Tifa and Cloud are characters in Final Fantasy VII, an old video game. I suppose this is also a fantasy, then.