The Summer Of Myah

My name is Adriana, every one calles me addy. When I was 13, my cousins lost their house so they lived with us for a while. There was my aunt and uncle, and my 3 cousins Kaylee (2), ali (5) and Tyson (14). One night my parents and my aunt and uncle went out to a hotel for the night. I woke up around 3am to my cousin (Tyson) squeezing my butt. I was freaking out! Yelling STOP!! and QUIT IT!! Although he never stopped. It got bad enough that he was sucking on my boobs and massaging my crotch. He continurd to do this for a week! The next week, he molested me for that week. I was feeling sick, so my parents took me to the doctor, and sure enough, I was pregnant! My parents were ticked off at me, I told them the story but they didn't believe me! Awhile later in the summer, I had a baby girl, her name is Myah. I'm still made at Tyson for doing that!
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A DNA test would prove that your cousin is the father, but I think this story is pure fiction, not very good fiction at that.

no one gets molested to the point the other person penetrates, that's rape and unfortunately your parents are either extremely F***ed up not to believe you or know if you have a boyfriend and automatically think that is the cause.

Wow, what a bummer I can't believe they wouldn't believe you it's all your cousins fault he better provide for your little girl and you make him buy diapers food bottles and milk I'm so sorry you went through this pain well I wish you and myah the best

that's so messed up..i can't believe it got that far. i wonder, have u ever call the cops?

I'm sorry that you went through that. I was also molested by my cousin and several other people.

omg im so sorry i know what its like to be denied after a stated a similar stry to my parents.i hope they belive u have them take a dna test