The Two Times I Was Molested.

        My name is Michael, and I am now a 18 year old boy living in Southern California. I am a slim, 5'11, Blonde hair Green eyed White Male, and until an hour ago, nobody knew I had ever been molested before. People have suspected it, due to the fact that I hate when people touch me, or sometime when people tell me they think I'm good looking, I get uncomfortable, because not only once, but twice, I was violated and exposed to a stranger and two perverted girls because they thought I was good looking and felt that they could ***** me and have their way with me because of it. I have lost most self worth since these incidences, and now get reoccurring nightmares and thoughts of the man who took advantage of me when I was barely only 14 years old...innocent and

        The less traumatizing experience was  when I was 15, and at a sleepover at this girls house with her friend, I was  molested while I was sleeping by the girl and her friend. i had passed out because i took too many drugs, and i woke up in the early morning to find this freak girl and her friend had undone my pants and slipped them and my boxers off and were playing with my penis and then later that morning when i showered, they opened the door to the bathroom(which was missing the lock) and spied on my showering im pretty sure they took pictures and stuff too it was completely humiliating.
   The worst and most traumatizing time was when i was 14, and a man who pretended to be a friend of a few of my other friends, which i believed because he knew all their names and stuff, and i was young and stupid, invited me to come to his house and swim with him and some other kids from my school who were my age. I stupidly decided to come, and when i did, there were no other kids there, and the man forcibly ******** me down to my boxers, when he started to put his hands on my chest and stuff, then he ripped off my boxers and made me lay on his bed so he could take pictures of me, which im pretty sure he put on dirty child **** sites. After he took the pictures he started to give me oral sex and play with my private areas. I was so scared to refuse because i was sure that if i didn't, he would either seriously injure me, or kill me. after he sodomized me and did other things to me while i was still completely naked and humiliated. After what seemed like an eternity, but was actually only a couple or hours or more, he let me put my clothes back on and he put me in his car and dropped me off at home. he made me duck in the beginning of the ride so i couldnt see where he lived. i threatened him later on through myspace telling him i was going to call the police on him, but he then deleted his myspace and changed his phone number...therefore I never was able to press charges on this evil man who took me into his home and forced me to expose myself to him and thousands of other people on some dirty kiddie **** website.
since then, i've always noticed that when i like people, they always make me think they like me, but all they want to do is see me naked so they can have their way with me this is part of the reason i have such low self worth and confidence, this and my dads verbal abuse and being bullied when i was little thank you for listening.
it was so disgusting. he was a 40 something year old ********* and the worst part was other perverts online are able to see my naked body without my could be anyone seeing that stuff...and its so humiliating. and i know i wasn't the only one, because he showed me pictures of a few other boys he did this too, he had a huge file on his computer and his name was Jack, if that was even his real name all i know of where he lived, was that it was in Tujunga I believe, which is two towns away from me but i could be wrong.  im only going off what i think
i wish i could have gotten it, but he deleted all the ways i knew of contacting him changed his number, or disconnected it or something, he deleted his myspace, and now its like he never existed the other girl i let go.
                  But about the other time, I'm much less upset about that, I'm more just embarrassed, but although what those two(or more?) girls did was wrong, I can understand why they did it...if that makes sense..They were  just  confused girls who took advantage of me when I was unconscious from a lot of drugs, since they never get to hook up with any guys on their own, and they made it very clear to me that they had big crushes on me, even though I am gay, and although it was sick and wrong, all she did was just fondle me and explore my body after she pulled down my pants... as opposed to rape me and take pictures and video of me and put it on child *********** websites...but like I said, still sick , but all i want would be to see the 40 something year old *********  go in jail for the rest of his life for scarring me and exposing my body to strangers just for his own pleasure, but at my expense.
michaelscott94 michaelscott94
May 16, 2012