I Can't Take It Anymore.

I've been zoneing out in class, i can't focus in any of my classes. I've been irritable with everything. I've been fighting with my b.f. and i can't stand my friend ashley talking about my cousin, i want to make him MISERABLE but not at her expece. I think i have ADD and i cant even hint to my parents why because i don't want them knowing so i can't even be upset or mad or cry in front of them. I can't stand anyone except for my friends Mariah and Sophia. Everyone else to me can drop dead. I can't trust anyone, i don't like talking anymore because i'm toung tied all of a sudden when i talk. I'm gaining weight because i havn't worked out, i don't like people watching me. I want tp find a way to relieve stress. I feel on edge with everything and i can't deal with being intimate with anyone. I believe that me being molested by my cousin is a result of ALL of this.
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2 Responses Sep 12, 2012

It is... it is you should go get some help and tell someone because thats messed up

Well it could also show symptoms of depression because the mood swings and everything, wanting to be only, and overwhelming of feelings is natural. Don't hold back and you should tell your parents because it can only get worst from here especially holding it in which could make you have a "meltdown" or "overload" and go off on the ones you care about. I hope you make it over this hill you can talk to me anytime you need to. I'm always listening k! :)

Well i'm happy today so it's fine and i'd like to cry at night again instead of being mad.

Aw *hug* feel better!