I Think Im Crazy

This might be the last time im writing about the worst thing that happend to me see my questions very confused and part2 of very confused see my cousin and my brother are best friends and blame everything on me and they say im crazy my cousin wont even bother to apoligize for what he did i kinda hate him they always get mad at me for every little thing i say when they are wit eachother they scream at me and i get so sad my cousin use to do those things and now he just htes me i think they critsize me and when i share my opinions they go crazy and $h!t like i just said something disrespectful idk why my cousin is joining with my brother and hating me like this i dont think i deserve to be a kid because none of them like me
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1 Response Sep 16, 2012

You have to take a stand for yourself to show that what they say can't/won't hurt you In the least bit. Even if it makes them talk more at least you know you can Stand up for yourself and not giving them the power to hurt your feelings or bring you down.

ty so much i never thought of that and did you read my two other stories in this group if you didnt can you please read :)

I I did good luck may god bless. Good nite! ;)