I Was Molested As A Minor!...deep Hurt!

once i was molested sexually like someone touching my br e a s ts ..someone elderly who had accompanied a priest to my house for 1 nights stay...he took the advantage that no one was there on my terrace and started to touch my b r e asts..then soon my mom called me and i went. i was about 9-10 years old. i did feel some thing is wrong but could not describe it.then it was my own cousin 2 years o;der to me who did the same thing to me when i was sleeping in the car on returning from late nights wedding..i was locked up completely and was lik that for the whole journey...then it was my male servant who touched my bare back when i was small..such an ugly feeling...at first felt like suiciding but what will people think and what about the shame my famly will undergo....too much....then i used to pray....which healed me lilttle by little...but thank God that nothing worse happened!@...its the first time i ever shared this to you guys! thanks for reading!
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Perverted males can be opportunists. Guys like to touch girls. The man with the priest is very troubling because you were only 8 or 9. Girls chests are getting ready to become breasts and the man may have been curious, but it was still wrong. When your cousin touched you, (this is for girls that this might happen to in the future) the best strategy is to scream bloody murder when he touched you. The thing that these pervs count on is the silence of the lamb, the silence of their victim.

As to you healing, there are many different ways to heal from this. Do talk to a counselor. Even there, be careful. Molestation violates you. Having been violated does not mean anything bad about you. It means that at one point you were violated. Don't let the perps continue to have power in your life. Take control. If any guy touches you in a way you don't like, please kick him in the balls. You are an adult now, so you can make that choice more easily than you could as a little girl. Even still, your adult self can have a talk with your little girl self and promise her that if anyone does that again, you will deal with him appropriately.

Finally, look for information on the Emotional Freedom Technique. Developed by Gary Craig, it will help you change your life.

Thank you for sharing. It is never talking about bad things that happen to us but getting them out in written word or speaking with someone helps to let them go. I'm so very thankful that you came out of it ok and you are still with us.

thankyou for those words of understanding...

Thank you for sharing.

Atleast you had the guts to tell it out on a forum like this.There are many young girls who stay mum coz they are intimidated by the incidnt.Some girls dnt even know that they are being molested.

it was long long back and i already forgot about my past..but my cousin till today he looks at me that way. once i even punched him hard on his face for what he was doing in my own house. after that he came to know how rude and mean i can be. but he still looks at me in that sense like i am going to get married.actually his mom (my aunt) was asking for me to get married to him...sheeeesh soundsso horrrrrible!!!!
cousin marriage!!..
i refused and so my mom...but i know my limits very well now as i grown into a matured and young lady i can take care of my self...i insult him on the face and he doesnot like it.but keeps quite..but somewhere inside me even i feel hurt because he is my cousin and why am i acting so rude to him!...

Perverts seem to be all over. It happens a lot in the school showers too when the older guys want to abuse you. It is tough when you like sports and then you have to please them to be in the team. I cannot even mention here things that I have had to undergo.

GOD will help all these people if they ask HIM for help! feeling sorry for you!just surrender everything to GOD. and continue to love and serve HIM. you will see wonders!

That is very kind of you. Thankfully it is now in the past. I have a living God now to turn to. PTL

what is PTL?

LOL. Praise The Lord sis

i swear praise His Holy Name!...

hold on..did u call me ur sis?

yes I did indeed. PTL

alright so where do u live and wat are you doing?

I live in London. I have finished my Uni and now working part time and studying part time (Post Grad in Management)

dats good to hear about! but what is Uni standing for?

University. sorry I am picking this up so late...

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world is full of these morons.. this is a evil world we live in.... u better take care.. coz God help those who help themselves.... may god bless you...


I listen to Joyce Meyer on Premier Christian radio in London. She is such a blessing and a great help to our family too through her ministry

I am Filled with Great Joy at the News you have Spoken I am Happy That God has Moved in to your Life