Dark Days Of My Childhood

I was a quiet boy, only 8 years old. I was involved in Scouts. My friends and 3 scouts masters went on a trip to Barbados. That was the 1st time I left the country without my parents. Ofc, I was homesick. So a few days after our arrival, we were going on a scouting session, to do our various tasks. But I didn't go, I was crying too much, I had missed my mom. So everyone left and one of the scouts masters stayed with me. He was not old, he was a young dude. He asked me to take off my clothes, I wasn't sure of what to do. He said "don't be afraid, it's ok." I was naive, so I followed his instructions. He asked to me if he could touch my genitals, I said "yea." I didn't know it was wrong. He said it was gonna be okay. He then ******** and told me to touch and jerk him off. I said " I don't understand." He took my hand and showed me. He forced me to blow him. Was it horrible? Compared to what he did next, it was better. Being sodomized isn't a nice feeling. He raped me. That day changed my life. He threatened me, " if you tell anyone, I'll cut your little wiener off." Ofc I was scared, so I kept a secret.
Was that the end? No! It happened once again, when I was 10 years old. A coach, did it tome on my 1st international tennis tournament. I left scouts because of that incident, tennis made me happier as a kid, only for that ****** up incident to repeat itself :(. This time I bled after being raped, and buried it within. No1 knew, besides the horrible person that did it. It wasn't easy growing up, my mom wasn't someone I could relate to. My dad was always busy with work, I don't even know who he is. Siblings? I preferred to keep it to myself. Those experiences changed my life.
Feel free to comment or communicate with me, I'm opened to anyone.
Gavin16 Gavin16
18-21, M
Nov 26, 2012