I'm Too Scared To Tell

When I was 5, my cousin always used to visit us and would always play with me. Since he is my cousin, he always have a good time playing.

That's what happens everyday of my childhood life. Until one day, we were both alone in my room, playing as usual, when he suddenly touched my private parts, I told him to stop but he just laughed and kept on doing it. Then I told him never to approach me again.

10 years has already passed by, me and my cousin are now good friends, but I still can't remove the embarrassment and the pain that happened years ago. He shattered my dignity, and I can't do anything about that anymore.

I knew I had to tell someone, so I told my best friends. I asked to promise me that they won't tell anyone, and they kept their promise. They would cheer me up and talk to me whenever that moment runs through my mind again and again.

A best friend told me to tell my mother, he says she would understand because I'm her daughter. But I can't. My cousin is my mother's twin brother's son! And if I tell her, it's gonna be like war!

My rich grandmother lives with my mother's twin brother. My grandmother pays for my school fees, so she's the reason why I go to school. If I tell my mom, she's gonna be so pissed off she's gonna fight with his brother, then my grandmother would get so angry she'll refuse to pay for my school fees, then I won't be able to study.

I'm just too scared to tell, but I'm also too scared not to. I don't know what to do...
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Dec 2, 2012